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Captain's Price - Lyla Sinclair Bad thing about quickie erotica short novels, is that their very well "short" with just sex, with no real character development. So I tend to stay away from them, so I don’t end up with a headache and the feeling that I just waste some of my life away reading the short novel. Thankfully Captain's Price by Lyla Sinclair isn’t one of those books, it’s focus is always on the main couple Julianna a stowaway, disguised as a boy, running away to America in order to be with her childhood sweetheart and Captain Drew Price whom runs a tight ship. Drew is anger by Julianna’s lie and doesn’t like to be played for a fool, makes a deal with Julianna for the rest of their sea voyage to entrain him. Drew wasn’t an ass, but a decent guy, whose had his shares of bad luck and hard work. While he does give Julianna a taste of humiliation, it’s not to the point of being cruel or harsh, but more along the lines of protection from the rest of his crew that could have had their way with her if he didn’t step in. Julianna is at odds about the emotions Drew rises in her, when their together. While she wants Drew, she still thinks of her childhood sweetheart, and the life her father wants her to live by forcing marriage on her. The dreams of a girl become the thoughts of a woman as Julianna gets to know more about Drew. Both have a lot in common with one another, as they have this tug of war between wanting each other and doing the right thing. Parts of the story are told in Julianna’s POV while the other part is told by Drew through his diary, so you always get both POVs without the reader missing out on one view or another. I enjoyed this short story, as it had just the right amount of everything to make it enjoyable, character growth as Julianna grows from a starry eyed girl to a woman whose brave and knows what she wants, to Drew whom falls head over heels and trusts his heart to his lady love.Warning: Contains Vaginal, Oral and Anal sex, and Pirates!