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Seven Secrets of Seduction - Anne Mallory It's been awhile since I read such a sensual and there's nothing more sensual then Seven Secrets of Seduction, the words just burn off the pages and the batter between Maximilian, Viscount Downing and Miranda Chase was very fresh and never stilled. Miranda is my favorite type of heroine, she's smart and clever, plus she's just a shopgirl, not some rich woman of the ton. Maxim was at times a true mystery as the author gave us more of Miranda view then Maxim until later, by then we're so in thralled by him it's just another goodie when we're given his view and thoughts. The story wasn't dark, nor was it light, but the perfect balance inbetween, with the focus always being between the growing relationship and pitfalls Maxim and Miranda have the face with being from two different walks of life yet finding middle ground, trust and love. Anne Mallory proves what an amazing writer she is and bringing back my love for all things historical romances.