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A Season for Sin (The Sinful Scoundrels #0.5) - Vicky Dreiling Reviewed For Rakehell ReviewsA Season for Sin is a being called a "prequel", but it's more like a short, two minute movie trailer. In this quick read (most of which is actually the first chapter of the full length book) Vicky Dreiling introduces us to the cast of characters in her upcoming series. We meet the Earl of Bellingham (aka Bell) who has discovered that his life is boring and empty, and we see Laura Davenport a young widow with her hands full of keeping her young buck about town stepson out of trouble. We see their first meeting and their feelings for one another, but that's it.This is really just a taste of the series to come. It's a introduction to our main couple and the rest of the cast of characters. When you're done you'll leave wanting to pre-order the first book in the series, or decide to pass. Me, well I plan to read the rest of the series.