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Celia's Grand Passion (Regency Romance) - Lynn Kerstan While this book wasn't a romance per say, it was nevertheless an interesting story overall. Dealing more along the lines in family, lies and alot of healing on all fronts. Celia Greer is a great mix of dreamer, realist, healer. She's been beaten down and disappointed in life, yet she still gets up and faces the day with a few tears in her eyes yet stronger then before. I loved Celia and felt our prig of a hero- Kendal, he never deserved her and the kindness she's done for him and his family. Even from the first 'meet cute' between Celia and Kendal, Kendal thinks he's got in all in the bag. A brief fling and off to distance lands again. Only their meeting brings up alot of hold scars Kendal has buried. I understood where Kendal was coming from and even knew why, still it takes a slug in the head and some harsh wake up words from Celia for him to finally break free from the demons and chains that binded him to his past. I think the biggest trouble I had was not the arguments between Celia and Kendal, just the speed in which the ending was wrapped up. Not giving Kendal and chance to show his change of heart and for the romance to truly blossom. Still Lynn Kerstan's writing is very superb and to fit in such few pages has made me a fan of hers and making me be on the lookout for more of her works.