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The Errant Earl - Amanda McCabe I think everyone has a weakness for a certain genre of book for me I can't pass up a good fluff.Amanda McCabe's Errant Earl was a light delightful bit of fluff romp I adore to read. When Marcus Hadley finds out his father married a second time for love to a actress; he can't believe his father would marry so below his own station. Years later and to late, Marcus thought he had time to mend the fences with his father who died along with second wife. Now the new earl he feels a greater responsibility to the title and his stepsister who just happens to triggers something in his heart when he sees her for the first time.... Julia remembers the terrible argument between the old earl and Marcus and now with her mother and the old earl dead. She knows it's only a matter of time before Marcus comes to take over his earl seat. But her actor friends are staying there till their next trip. In order to keep her friends close by with a roof over their head, she comes up with a plan to make them take over the roles of servants. She didn't count on how meeting Marcus again would tug at her heart strings. Everything was painted with a light brush. Some cliques used but never overdone to the point that it felt overused within the book. Marcus and Julia deal with their misunderstandings that lay between them getting to know one another and falling it love. There is a few roadblocks along the way, never taken to heart. A few expected things do happen (force proposal, run away) these don't take up much of the book and everything is cleaned away rather quickly. Giving the reader time to enjoy the couple and their HEA. The story was as sweet and light as cotton candy- making it a delightful treat.