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The Rake (Lessons in Love Series #1)

The Rake - Suzanne Enoch When Lady Georgiana Halley loses her innocence to Viscount Dare she’s heartbroken and ashamed to learn it was all for a wager. Now six years later, Georgiana thinks it about time Dare get’s taught a lesson! Only when the lesson backfires Georgiana’s heart is yet again on the line and this time Dare won’t give her up without a fight! I was so happy I found this hidden away on my TBR shelf, after reading a recent Suzanne Enoch book, I wasn’t all that impressed or wanting to read one of her older stories. Am so glad I did because I was missing out on this very fun story! Six years before Georgiana Halley was swept off her feet by the Viscount Tristan Dare, and thinking herself in love gives him her innocence and heart, her dreams and heart are soon shattered when she learns it was all due for a wager. Never forgetting or forgiving Dare Georgiana goes out of her way to show her dislike for Dare by traded barbs and breaking fans over his knuckles every chance she gets. When the chance rises where she can teach Dare a lesson he won’t forget, Georgiana comes up with a way to get even. Have Dare fall madly in love with her and break his heart, making him see the error of his ways and finally marry the very “nice” lady he’s been after whose waiting in the wings for him. Georgiana doesn’t count her lingering attraction to Tristan and can’t get over the change in him from six years ago... Tristan had to grow up after his father’s death that leaves his family in heavy debt. Unless he marries a rich heiress everything that has belonged to his family will be taken into debt. When Georgiana comes back into his life full force, he’s very leery of her action (and with good reason) he’s never truly gotten over Georgiana and what he did and never said a word to anyone that he took her innocence only that he stole a kiss. Even when he should be focusing on his rich heiress, he can’t seem to stop thinking about Georgiana. When they finally make love again and he learns that she hasn’t forgiven him but was teaching his a lesson, Tristan knows Georgiana isn’t that heartless and sets out to win her heart and her trust and make her his bride. With the Rake not all things are clean cut and dry. Your first thought of Tristan is he must be a ass for doing that to Georgiana, but instead you find a man asking forgiveness, willing to take any abuse Georgiana will dish out and even says he’s sorry. Tristan didn’t got out there and tell the ton that he ruined Georgiana, but kept it hidden. Tristan was a man who knew he did wrong and was willing to better himself and learn. His next great love to Georgiana was his family whom he would do anything for. I loved Tristan’s family , they were a total riot with the matchmaking Aunties to his crazy brothers. Tristan loved his family dearly and even felt at a lost to help his younger brother Robert who didn’t speak anymore and who became a shadow of himself after coming back from war. Tristan was one of those heros I love with a wicked sense of humor and a very sensual side to him. Georgiana has been chased after by every single man (and a few married men) of the ton because of her wealth. After giving up her innocence to Dare, she doesn’t feel she can trust her heart to another man She’s content to be alone (and break fans over Dare’s knuckles) Georgiana broken heart leads her to make dare pay, and later it’s her pride and mistrust that pushes Georgiana to hurt Dare. Georgiana isn’t a spoiled little miss, she’s sly and clever and has a good head on her shoulders. Because of this, I can’t understand why she could be so blind to new Tristan, after seeing him and his interactions with his family even when he asks for her forgiveness, Georgiana still turns a blind eye and goes through the lesson and having sex with Tristan in order to get even with him. This didn’t seem to sit with who Georgiana was almost making her a different, petty person. Tristan and Georgiana heat up the pages with the attraction they both try to fight. Even when they do make love again, you think the story would go downhill or slow down with it’s pace, but that was only the start even with skipping/missing chapter 13 the story just keeps going with it’s great pace. The only jarring part was toward the end with the so called sex orgy that while funny didn’t seem to fit in with the story. Overall: light and humorous with two well loved leads. A great book with a lot of fun re-reading mileage that will keep you coming back!