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Lessons from a Scarlet Lady

Lessons From a Scarlet Lady - Emma Wildes Brianna has been married to Duke of Rolthven, Colton for a few months, and although she knows he cares for her, there is still something lacking in their marriage, scared he may turn to another woman in time, Brianna takes it upon herself with the help of a book Lady Rothburg's Advice--a courtesan's lessons for love in order to win her husband over in bed and later win his heart! This was a sexy and cute read, with something not written much about married couples, Emma Wildes takes a swing with Lessons From a Scarlet Lady as Brianna sets out to win her husband’s heart. When Brianna starts to fear in her heart that her husband may in time turn away from her and her bed, taking things into her own hands, Brianna comes across a book Lessons From a Scarlet Lady from an ex courtesan, helping with life and marriage. Brianna finds this a sure fire way to finally win her husband’s heart over, but with a few things in the way and unknown to her husband about this book, becomes leery of her sudden sexual knowledge, Brianna has more then a fight on her hands to win what she most wants, her husband’s love. Colton adores his new sweet wife, but he wouldn’t call it love, so when she starts to seduce him out of his reserve self, he starts to doubt what his wife is coming from and where she’s getting her sudden knowledge. When doubts start to surface, Colton is left with great doubts as he sees he’s finally falling in love with his own wife! While this was a enjoyable read, a premise that many authors don’t cover: a married couple. I found myself drawn to it, but in the end I didn’t care for it as much as I would have liked. Not saying the story was good, but the focus shifted to much for my taste between two couples instead of one. Brianna and Colton’s marriage is like many at the time, but Brianna wants more, she doesn’t want Colton to turn to another woman, where she loves him deeply herself. I liked Brianna when she took things into hand, but the misunderstanding the reader could see miles away could have been avoid if only she spoke up about the book to Colton. At the same time Colton is starting to really feel for his wife, and becomes of this he starts to feel jealous and unsure of her and himself. Colton changed from the cold but not unfeeling man to someone warm and caring. While I didn’t care for his tactics and how he had Brianna followed, I felt both just needed to really speak up and talk with one another. But through these troubles, they were drawn closer to each other. I really wanted the focus to remain on Colton and Brianna, but somehow we got wrapped up with Rebecca, Brianna’s friend and Colton’s brother Robert. This set up for a nice secondary romance that would parallel to the main couple romance, this didn’t happen. The reader gets the jump around between these couple which at times you wanna hurry through one to get to the other. In my case I wanted to hurry between Rebecca’s romance to get back to Colton and Brianna- making the romance feel like it was lacking and rushed then felt like it was stuck in cliché land. The romances never felt balance, I wouldn’t have minded a book on just Robert and Rebecca instead of having two romances thrown into one book. The rest of the character interaction with one another was a shining point. I greatly enjoyed Colton talking with his brothers and how each brother one another with their romance troubles, which came across very cute. The same could be said about Brianna whom lent that book out to her fellow friends to help them spice up their own relationships.Overall: a cute story, and enjoyable read, but an unbalance feel to it due to the two romances going on at the same time.