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Simply Magic

Simply Magic - Mary Balogh A two weeks vacation away from her school she teaches, Susanna Osbourne meets with a man unknowing to him entwined with her past she longs to forget, and soon a man she longs her heart to forget.. Peter Edgeworth, Viscount Whitleaf is charming, kind gentleman, when he first lays eyes on Susanna he feels he’s finally met “the one” their paths soon divided only to lead back to one another and their love...... Simply Magic’s story entwines with Simply Love, but from of the POVs of Susanna and Peter as you follow Susanna this time as she takes a two weeks vacation away from the school.. Susanna along with ex-teacher Frances and her husband travel to Frances’s husband estate for a two week break. On one afternoon of walking, Susanna meets up with fellow neighbors, when she meets a very handsome man, whom comes across very much like a shallow gentleman, whose name triggers a dark period of Susanna’s life. Susanna goes out of her way to avoid this gentleman only to have him turn up time and again. She soon sees the true kindness of this man, and tries to fight her feelings and heart as they spend a passionate afternoon together and soon say their goodbyes, knowing their’s no place for one another in each of their lives, but fate plays their hand and bring Susanna and Peter back together again and this time it’s a path they walk together and no apart full of love... Peter Edgeworth has always been cuddled by his family full of sister along with his mother, after almost marriage between him and a young girl that ended with Peter leaving his family home in anger, Peter finally decided it’s time to stop running. When this thought enters his mind, he’s floored when he meets Susanna whom he doesn’t know if he love or not and perhaps to scared to examine his emotions toward her. Peter soon finds himself and Susanna in each other’s company for the wedding of Anne and Syd and Peter knows he can’t let Susanna go and must face his own dragons and help her face hers in order for them to finally find love and peace with each other. Simply Magic was a delightful read, with the main theme I felt of facing out demons from the past or dragons to slay in order for us to move forward. Peter’s and Susanna’s had these heavy chains that dragged them down, Susanna while stronger then most, still didn’t want to deal with a past and a father whom she felt let her down by taking his life, and a family she thought loved her. But, with a little nudge by Peter Susanna was finally able to let her go of her demons and slay her own dragons finding a family she didn’t even know she had. Peter was overprotected by his family, but loved, even as a man, his family still thought of him as a boy. Peter showed everyone he was truly a grown and kind man with a big heart, but a man whom could stand on his own two feet. At the same time he always saw he couldn’t baby his own family and needed to let them go on their own lives, his mother mostly, whom he finally saw a lonely woman whom wasn’t without her faults and did wrong, but a human being after all. With Simply Love and it’s perfect flow, I found Simply Magic lacking in magic. It felt once again very blocky and rushed, but at least both leads didn’t make me mad or turn me off on the story. I liked both leads very much and felt for them. Many characters make a return appearance that keep the story running along, but once again I felt the story was lacking that extra push to make it memorable.Overall: a great addition that continues the simply series with two great leads, even if it lacks that magical touch.