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Don't Tempt Me

Don't Tempt Me - Loretta Chase Zoe Lexham, after twelve years has return to England from being a captive of a harem. A walking scandal with adept knowledge of the sensual arts, her family is at odds at what to do in order for her be welcome back into the ton. Her knight in not shining armor and childhood friend, Lucien de Grey, The Duke of Marchmont finds it his duty to his old guardian and friend Lord Lexham to find a way to have the ton accept Zoe, what he didn’t expect was the attraction between him and Zoe that may lead more to ruin for the both of them. Lucien wicked humor and sarcastic replies had me in stitches. He walked around in an indifferent haze after the death of both his parents, his brother and later the dissappence of Zoe. Lucien cares for nothing, coming across more like a carefree zombie then a human being. I liked his growth throughout the book, while it did feel he came to some sort of stand still toward the middle and end of the book, LC opens one last door for Lucien to walk though as he opens his eyes, finally doing something he’s avoided for so long; make an decision for himself. Zoe bluntness was a hoot, use to acting and speaking freely, she learns to acts more in the confines of society. She was pretty blunt but very smart, something I wish her sisters were as they got on my nerves. Zoe observed the people around her, comparing her new life to her old, which in more cases came in handy as she later dealt with a few stuffy and disapproving people. What gave me a pause was Zoe coming across more of a 21st century woman then a woman in the 1800s; with her sexual openness (and fondling Lucien in public!) that is more of the women of today then yesteryears. Unbelievable, was the fact she was left an innocent from living in a harem for so many years, the harem life is a harsh place and her coming away unharmed was to farfetched. The steam level was pretty high with Lucien and Zoe. I mean who doesn’t like a carriage sex scene?? I would have liked more of an interaction as a couple between Lucien and Zoe after they married, the love scenes between the two toward the end got in the way as they face their last huddle. Which is a huddle I thought could have been left out and unnecessary to the plot. Overall: even with its quirks this was a fun, relaxing and laugh out book.