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The Proposition

The Proposition - Judith Ivory This was one of those books with a lot of quirks in it, without being humorous adding to it's overall charm. Taking you along with the flow. Edwina-Winnie is a well known linguist, taking after her father’s known love for speech. Well know to take on any hard case, she’s surprised when she’s asked (conned) to turn a gruff hard to understand ratcatcher and turn him not only into a gentleman but to pass him up as a peer! Mick is a easy going but very insight handsome devil in need of a little polish, but before the shine sets in, Mick true self shines brighter then anyone could have imagine including his teacher Winnie. Winnie and Mick fight they’re attraction for each other (sometimes) very hard as their different lives get in the way over and over again, but as times goes by nothing can stop the love they start to feel for each other. The sensual level between them is red hot leaving you in need of a glass of cold water and a fan. The cute moments of the book really made me smile with the plant song and the ferret who loved drinking tea. While I enjoyed the book and all it’s cute quirks the dumb arguments between Winnie and Mick really dragged it down for me. Instead of being a mature woman of 29, Winnie acted more like an 18 year old, while I can understand where she came from, it become trying on my nerves not to want to smack her over the head a few times. Her arguments became shallow with no real point them. Then I felt like I missed something with the sudden change from arguments to laughing, talking or even dancing. Mick had a great head on his shoulders as he learned he was changing sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I liked seeing him change, but not into a great man, because he already is a great man, but shown more options he wasn’t able to see before. I guess my biggest trouble was the tied-up-in-a-ribbon ending, almost making it feel to good to be true feeling. I would have liked it a little more real-ish instead of a fairy tale ending. Overall: a great and charming story with a lot of quirks and handsome ratcatcher teaching his teacher a thing or two about life as they fall in love.