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The Sins of Lord Easterbrook (Rothwell Brothers Series #4)

The Sins of Lord Easterbrook - Madeline Hunter While this book sounded great, for me it fell flat.After seven years Leona Montgomery and Christian, Marquess of Easterbrook meet again, as Leona travels to London in order to find partners in her family’s shipping business and to investigate some top peers whom slowly destroyed her father’s business and later slowly killed him When she comes across Christian again the years fall away as the attraction that sparked between them still burns bright. Christian has never forgotten again Leona throughout the years, and when he gets a chance to have her, he takes it without another thought. At the same time trying to hide his gift of being an empath and protecting Leona as the past threatens to destroy them both. I never truly felt a strong connection between Christian and Leona with only lust really binding them and only felt the truly connected at the “very” end of the book. I didn’t care for Christian’s heavy handiness and passive-aggressive nature toward Leona, and when he starts to see the error of his ways he suddenly forgets and seduces Leona back into his bed. Leona was in the same boat when common sense ruled her , it just flew out the window at times making me wonder where her mind went. Although I really enjoyed Christian’s empathy I felt at times it made him to arrogant assuming her knew to much of people. At the same time making it his shield to hide behind. The sensual level between Christian and Leona was great, but later on the book become a filler and a distraction to the overall story making the pace of the book stumble on. The bright spot of the book for me was the history of the opium trade in the 1800's and how it effected China and Europe at the time making slaves and villains out of everyday men. Overall: an okay book but in the end wasn’t my cup of tea.