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Stranger in My Arms

Stranger in My Arms - Lisa Kleypas This was such an enjoyable read that I re-read twice already! I adored Hunter and Lara, both were great with one hiding from the past and another hiding in plain sight. Hunter was the type of male character I love, strong but not forceful, as he slowly drew Lara out of her hard shell she lived in before and after his disappearance. Although he acted like he didn’t give a damn, his actions prove otherwise time and time again. He did hide many things from Lara but, you knew he loved her very deeply. Lara was a gentle soul looking to help other before herself, getting herself into a few little messes along the way with Hunter there to help her out. I loved how the story played out always making you second guess yourself along with Lara why Hunter changed into this wonderful man. I could understand the way Lara acted as I would doubt the change in a man who could careless about you then suddenly go out of his way for you as you fall in love with him. But Hunter was always waiting and although he would sometimes force his hand, you knew he cared deeply enough to let Lara go. Overall: an amazing story and makes me wish I had my very own Hunter!