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Because You're Mine

Because You're Mine - Lisa Kleypas Forced into an unwanted engagement Lady Madeline Matthews comes up with a plan, become ruined to break the upcoming marriage, and she sets her sights on the well known actor, owner of Capital Theater and womanizer Logan Scott, only the plan didn’t include for her to fall in love....... I was very surprise to see this book sitting on my TBR shelf and it being a Lisa Kleypas book to boot! The horror! But it was worth the wait as like all of Lisa Kleypas works, I was quickly drawn into the story. Second of the Capital Theater series, Because You're Mine picks up with Logan Scott and Lady Madeline Matthews, Madeline the youngest of Matthews family, forced to marry a man older then her own father, decides to find a way out of the engagement. When she comes across a picture of Logan Scott, she comes up with a plan to have him ruin her! Sneaking out of her Girl’s Academy makes her way to Capital Theater and ends up with a job, but finds out trying to seduce the cold Logan Scott, is harder then she thought. As she slowly learns about cold Theater owner, she starts to fall in love with him putting herself at risk of having her plan found out but having her heart broken. Logan Scott first introduced in Somewhere I'll Find You as the cold, calm owner and actor of Capital Theater, Logan Scott has clawed his way to the op as he hides behind his actor facade and a thick armor to keep everyone at arm’s length. Logan is shocked how drawn he is to Maddy, and does everything to find a way to get her to leave. But no matter what he does she works her way under his skin and into his heart, When Logan finally admits his feelings toward Maddy due to his old wounds and trust issues when he finds out about her plan to seduce him he pushes her away but doesn’t stay away for long... In Somewhere I’ll Find You, Logan shown bright as a secondary character and was happy he got his own story. Logan is a cool operator , but very passionate about his acting and later Maddy. Logan had to fight tooth and nail for everything, and loses sight on what’s important in life then money or just acting. While in second half of the book Logan made me mad, I sill liked him in the end. Maddy acts very immature at the start, she becomes a mature woman whom puts up with a lot of crap from not only her family, but later from Logan. Instead of crying over it, she takes it on the chin and keeps her head up and her faith that things will turn out okay. Cameos appearances of characters of SIFY fill BYM, but this book can stand on it’s own fine. With a few great surprises and characters that drawn you in and keeps you reading. Like many other readers, I too didn’t care for the way Logan acted in the second part of the book, he was awesome and heart-wenching alone and how his became bright eyed as he fell in love with Maddy in the first half of the book. At the same time Maddy dragging on the lie/scheme was also her fault, but instead of taking it like a man Logan acts like a spoiled child with Maddy becoming the adult. Thankfully, Maddy has enough and Logan opens his eyes with a little help from everyone!Overall: another enjoyable keeper from LK with a great couple that you’ll be rooting for till the end!