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Midnight Angel

Midnight Angel - Lisa Kleypas Lady Anastasia is on the run for her life as she’s found with blood on her hands and her fiancée dead at her feet with no memory of her killing him or how it happened. With no way out then death, Tasia takes a potion to fake her death and travels to England to try and start her life over on the run. When his close friends tell Luke Stokehurst they found a perfect governess for his wild-child daughter, he dismisses it with a shrug only to be stopped in his tracks at the sight of this beautiful young woman with amazing eyes and a past hidden in the mist. Determined to find out more of this young woman’s past, he finds himself falling in love with her and would do anything to keep her. Tasia feels drawn to Luke, but knows her past deeds will no doubt catch up with her in the end. Only her heart keeps her from running away and has her running toward Luke. Luke and Tasia fight their past pains as they struggle to find the happiness they know they can only find in each other. As a couple I never felt a true connection between Tasia and Luke. I didn’t care forLuke at all with him acting more like a hard head and pushing his way to make Tasia do what he wants even after knowing the truth of her past. He never trys to comfort her into understanding why he asks these things of her from not contacting her mother etc, he only tells her what to do period. Never seeing it from her side, as of a young woman lost and alone from her homeland, scared out of her wits and trying to come to grips with the things around her. Even when he knows she loves him he still acts like a jealous fool toward the end of the story making it drag even more. Tasia was an unusual female lead with strength and wisdom beyond her years; I could clearly understand her actions and thoughts and found myself wondering what she truly saw when she found her dead fiancée. Midnight Angel started off on a great foot with a tortured hero finding love again, I didn’t noticed or pay much heed to his hook hand but never came to like Luke even in his good moments. (Good example: after saying I love you to Tasia, goes to say she wasn’t a likely candidate and had women throwing themselves at him for years-oooh so romantic *gags*) The one moment that threw me for a loop was when the true age of Tasia was reveled. I don’t mind older man and younger woman story, but when is said Tasia is only a hand full years older then Luke’s own daughter, I couldn’t help but be jerked from the book with a confused look, looking around and asking “EHHHH?..um why?” I felt it was fine when they made her in her early twenties, but to make her closer to Emma’s age? I felt was totally unnecessary and kinda on the yick factor of gross. I wouldn’t have been to surprised if Emma brought that up in a fight between her Dad asking why she couldn’t kiss a guy when he was bedding a young woman that was close to her own age and could have well been his daughter. The pace afterward went down hill, and pretty much everything else in the book was predictable with nothing really holding my attention with parts that only annoyed me greatly. Overall: a fair book from LK with nothing all that great but, I forgive her as she’s written more awesome books that overshadow the bad ones.