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His Every Kiss (Seduction Series #2)

His Every Kiss (Avon Romantic Treasure) - Laura Lee Guhrke For the past five years Dylan Moore has been tormented by a memory of a woman whom saved his life and brought a glimpse of music back. After a freak accident leaves him struggling to create his beloved music, he tries to forget the pain he’s under by risking his life and lives life in the fast lane. Never forgetting the young woman, when he sees her after all these years he can’t believe his eyes or his luck and vows to make her his! Grace Cheval’s life has been a roller coaster of heartbreak and hardships, the night she saves Dylan’s life she’s now disgusted at the way he’s living and throwing away his life. But is shocked when he tracks her down and ask her to be his newly found daughter’s governess and maybe his mistress but most importantly his muse. As Dylan fights to overcomes his struggles in creating music, he also learns to be a father to his daughter and truly learns the meaning of love as both he and Grace fall in love with each other. “His Every Kiss” had a darker undertone than Laura Lee Guhrke’s later works, but with the darker undertone you start to see a side of both Dylan and Grace that really blossoms and makes both the characters shine. With a slow start, the pace quickly picks up as you learn about Dylan and Grace. Dylan was one of those heros that you just can’t help yourself but fall in love with, he comes across as tortured, then later cocky and charming and sometimes he surprises you by making you laugh. He doesn’t feel he’s strong, but he really truly is a strong person, with very human faults. Although he had one weak moment and made a few bad decisions along the way, with two really bad moments I wanted to smack him over the head, but it’s through these moments his eyes are truly opened wide and sees the faults he’s done and goes out to set them right! Grace is my favorite type heroine, she has a great head on her shoulders and *gasps* she uses it! Although her heartbreak she was dealt early in life was bad, when she starts to fall in love with Dylan and really starts to trust him, you can see how she’s healing. I did feel she carried that heartbreak like a weight around her neck, but I think it was more of the guilt and shame of the aftermath of her actions that really hit hard with her. Grace also shows a great patience with not only Dylan but with his smart, hellion of a daughter Isabel, who was dealing with her own doubts and fears. Dylan really pulled through when he becomes the father Isabel needs. Although Grace fights hard against the charm and attraction that is Dylan. When she sees he’s a changed man, she finally risks her heart on him and do the fireworks go off between the pair. Laura Lee Guhrke’s writes a great tension builder in His Every Kiss, and the tension between Dylan and Grace is smokin’ hot. The love scenes between them are few and toward the end but they’re very much worth the wait and a cool glass of water! The pair really set the pages on fire, but are so sweet together as they both heal past hurts and doubts. I felt the only bleep in an overall perfect book was the dumb argument and misunderstanding at the end but, the make up scene between Dylan and Grace is so sweet that I let it past. Overall: an awesome book with a charming and tortured hero as his beloved muse heals his doubts and shows him what love really is.