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The Duke (Knight Miscellany Series #1)

The Duke - Gaelen Foley After a sexual assault Belinda Hamiltion is at a lost to do with her life, and in a fit of rage and anger at the man who put her there decides the only course of action to somehow fix her life is to become a courtesan. Hoping that one day she’ll have a protector gentle and kind to take care of her. When the knight in shining armor does arrive, he has other plans for her and it has nothing to do with her new learned courtesan skills. The Duke of Hawkscliff, Rober Knight has lost the woman he loves to murder and knowing who may be behind it sets up a plan to lure the murderer out and his lure is none other then the celebrated courtesan Ms.Hamiltion. Only he didn’t think he be the only falling into his own trap and falling in love with the innocent eyed Bel. As Bel and Robert set up a plan to trap the man who wreaked both their lives, but soon the plan is forgotten in the London haze as both between light hearted banter and tears and heartbreak start to fight a losing battle toward their hearts as the famous Paragon Duke falls in love with the all to innocent courtesan . The Duke touches a cord deep in you as your pulled deeper into both the lives of Bel and Robert. Both have suffered greatly at the hands of others and even the ones they love, but instead of crying about it Bel takes matters into her own hands and does everything in her power to fight against what happen to her even at the lost of her heart and mind. She was such a strong character with her smarts and wicked banter that draws out Robert, you can’t help but wanna hold her in your arms and cry for her. While I did find it unbelievable she would be around men and Robert who wanted to touched and hold her after her rape as rape victims want nothing to do with either, Gaelen Foley wasn’t done telling the story and when Bel finally tries to make love with Robert freaks out and runs away. Then your show other side of these deep complex characters as Bel isn’t the only one doing the healing in the relationship of past hurts and pains, Robert heals the wounds on not only her body but her very soul. I fell in love with Robert as Bel did, he was charming and caring, with a strong sense of justice but could be bloodthirsty when someone he loved was hurt. He was not without his flaws though, far from it, he was so imperfect in his views of his mother and then later his title as he lost Bel to it. You fall more in love with him, because instead of hiding behind anger or making the woman he loved crawl back to him, he owned up to his faults and finally threw caution to the wind and went with his heart instead of his head. I’ve read many romance novels with the woman having to give up more to be with the man she loves, Robert gave up just as much to be with Bel as Bel gave up in her life. So when Robert and Bel finally do make love, it’s beautiful, it goes deeper then just the act of sex, but one of love that burns you up like a flash fire but makes believe more in love and “romance” between two people. Instead of piling it on you on the who’s who in the book, Gaelen Foley settles with a mention and tidbits of each of Robert’s family and their trade and a little of their pasts, not straying far from Bel and Robert and their story. Which I found very fitting and relaxing instead of having the story dragged down with to much info. The secondary characters and villains pushed the story along wonderfully as the mystery behind the death of Lucy Robert’s dream of a love is revealed slowly and not rushed through. With the ending leaving you page turning, wondering what would happen next between Robert whom at the time I wanted to kick in the butt and Bel. But the ending was just...magical. Overall: romantic, charming, sad, magical all these things and more make up The Duke with it’s strong tale of love between two people and the boundaries both are willing to cross to be with one another. Beautiful.