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Breathless (The House of Rohan)

Breathless - Anne Stuart Gather a-round o’ readers for I have a moral tale to tell, one with many twists and turns, with love and hate balanced on that of a sharp blade knife. A story of a Scorpion named Lucien de Malheaur as he finds a mate in a woman by the name of Miranda Rohan- in the act of vengeance- to destroy the Rohan family. Although vengeance and passion go hand in hand with this twisted romance between the dancing courtships of Scorpions, you may be surprised to hear twisted romance? Really? Then gentle reader you need to catch up on your Jerry Springer, because the dance between Lucien and Miranda may make one glad for their own easy relationships of long since past. Now, Lucien you see, has vengeance on his mind, for his beloved but very troubled sister killed herself in the act of passion, once she was denied her man, then again pointing a gun and threaten him and his family isn’t really the best way to a man’s heart, perhaps she missed the memo? Ah, but no matter, this story is about Lucien, and once the boy heard of his sister’s death, he vows to make the Rohan family pay an eye for an eye, or perhaps a sister for a sister? So Lucien all grown (who happens to be part Spider) weaves his web, and sets out to destroy Miranda slowly, seeing that this woman wasn’t to be easily broken, oh no, she enjoyed her freedom after being “ruined” but being ruined and an outcast does no good for a lonely heart, which Lucien sets to win, but all of Lucien’s devilish plans don’t count on Lady Miranda Rohan turning the tables of Lucien and giving as good as she got- no sirree! Miranda might not all the rules to the game but she starts her own set and sets out to win, and perhaps win the heart of the said Scorpion? As the two dance in a deadly courtship, little do they know their two dear friends are failing in love with one another Jane and Jacob one the gentle and plain and the other the King of Thieves himself falling and finding true love, if only it could have been as easy between Miranda and Lucien…. Now you must be wondering to ones self of course, how does one villain win the heart of his lady love? BY FORCE of course, on the lady’s part- ever heard the phase “Weak Heart, blah blah” No Miranda is devilish on her own right, smart as a whip she is, while not the greatest beauty the world has ever seen, she starts to win by force Lucien’s heart, as she tries to be one step ahead of Lucien. Lucien the fellow isn’t that much of a bad sport, while scarred, he can be very yummy in his own dark sort of way, and the two Miranda and Lucien came set a bed on fire with their lovemaking. Now, by this time in the fairy tale romance when hearts are finally won they would finally turn their ways, of course this is a deadly courtship and nothing is very easy between the two as Miranda family comes riding in to save their beloved sister, but no help is needed by them, for Miranda already gave her beloved a huge smack upside the head with a huge oar and wanted to drown them both like that other bad couple… Romeo and Jude..methinks, telling him whose boss, and not looking to be murdered in his sleep and knowing his heart was loss, accepts in good graces Miranda into his heart and bed making a mental note to remove all sharp objects from her reach just in case.. Ah, what? Well that’s the story dear readers, might messed up, but still a fine enjoyment indeed, oh the moral of the story you wants to know? Well, everyone’s knows that if a male scorpion isn’t careful he’s likely to be stung and eaten to death by his scorpion mate, guess Lucien didn’t get that memo either…