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Deirdre and Don Juan (A Regency Romance)

Deirdre and Don Juan - Jo Beverley This sweet romance with the premise of the plain jane and the rake may sound like it’s been done before, but this was done so sweetly it felt new. With the rake Earl of Everdon well known as Don Juan not only because of half of his spanish heritage but his way with the ladies. After his wife left him, he hasn’t care to get a divorce from his shallow wife due to having to worry about the marriage mart and the husband hunting mamas, that is until he suddenly widowed and having to worry about getting married again, but this time he’s looking for a quiet, plain wife that will give him an heir and leave him alone, but his plans go awry when he meets up with Lady Deirdre Stowe. Lady Deirdre Stowe has been trying to stay unmarried due to being in love already with a Mathematician, and things have been going great, acting as a wallflower and wearing awful outfits, she hasn’t been offered yet, until in walks Earl of Everdon and asks for her hand in marriage. Now she has to get the Earl to mess up and be found with a lady (any lady)so she can break off the Engagement, that is until she starts to have doubts about her beloved and Everdon. This was a clean romance, with a great twist. Instead of the plain jane wallflower following meekly into the engagement or already being in love with the rake, she wants nothing to do with him and will go to any lengths in order for her to marry the right man, but whom is the right man for her heart? That’s was Deirdre has to face through the story. Deirdre thinks she is pretty much the ugly duckling of the family, and not feeling needed, until Everdon walks into her life, and makes her feel amazing and beautiful. At the same time she starts to feel a pull between Everdon and the other man she thinks she loves. Deirdre was a strong lead, but she felt to stubborn to me, and wouldn’t open her eyes and face facts that were pretty much staring her in the face. She has to see for herself whom the right man is waiting for her, and deeply in love with her and she is with him. Everdon is floored by Deirdre even when his mother suggest her, he didn’t think she turn him down flat, and then example she’s already in love. And a gentleman through and through agrees to be caught with a lady and have her break off the engagement. He more he discovers about Deirdre , the more he starts to see her inner beauty and kindness, wanting her for himself. Everdon felt a great sadness for his first wife, but knows in his heart and faces facts they truly would never had been happy. Everdon needed to grow up and when he meets Deirdre he finally knows what love is. Everdon and Deirdre do have some growing up to do, and with their family around them, and a suitor waiting in the wings for Deirdre, this story just flew by. I enjoyed every second of this book, and couldn’t get enough. The love was slow going, but both leads had to really get to know and understand one another to truly see their were meant to be with one another. Not to say some parts toward the end didn’t feel rushed, but I think JB did an wonderful job of fitting such a fun romance into the number of pages.Overall: a sweet romance that grows as both leads discover the other, and with a wonderful and fitting HEA for them both.