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To Catch an Heiress (Lady Danbury's Influence Series #1)

To Catch an Heiress - Julia Quinn Julia Quinn works never fail to cheer me up when am down or make me laugh out loud at some of the stunts her characters do and To Catch an Heiress was no exception! While many people would have become shy, hurt or bitter with a hard life of pain and lack of love, Caroline is a positive and very funny lady trying to make it to her twenty-first birthday in one piece and unmarried to her weak willed and vile cousin and to run away from her evil and greedy guardian. So when the chance is show Caroline runs with it only to be taken into custody by Blake Ravenscroft as a mistaken spy! Blake thinks he has his lady spy and tries to go to great lengths to get the truth out of her while fighting a growing attraction and laughter. When the truth comes out that he’s got the wrong woman things should have been looking up, but with their growing attraction and a spy on the lose things go from bad to funny. Blake and Caroline are always getting into some odd or end argument that will have you laughing and shaking your head. Blake still getting over the death of his long time love at the hands of a traitor, Caroline brings feelings and laughter that he’s lacking and hiding from since that dark day. Caroline finally finds love and friendship she’s dreamed about and would do anything to protect both even hiding out in a washroom for a week! Both leads were great as they find something they needed in each other that they were missing while making you laugh along the way as they fall in love. While the sensual level wasn’t high, the pace of the story never slowed causing you to pretty much zip through the story. The secondary characters were also a huge laugh mostly James who played the matchmaker between Blake and Caroline while trying not to get a headache from their continuing arguments and knowing when to take his leave (to just get away from them!)Overall: a fun read as Blake comes to term with his lost and Caroline finding love she’s so long for as they fall in love with each other with a good dose of laughter as they reach their Happy Ever After.