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His at Night

His at Night - My first Sherry Thomas book, and while some say this book has a lighter feel to it, it still packs a big emotional wallop, that had me going through a major range of emotions from anger, to tears and cheers. Sometimes it can be hard to feel for the characters, and for me it took sometime for me to really feel and understand where Vere was coming from. At first glance he comes across as a loveable idiot But as an agent of the crown, he can move more freely when everyone just thinks you don’t have any brains in your head. This works so well for Vere that he even convinces his own brother, whom he sees the hope die each time they meet that he would one day be the amazing man he once was. Vere at times was a hard pill to shallow. You felt for him, but it was hard to understand where he was coming from, but slowly the layers are taken away and Vere the selfish man behind the idiot it shown to be a man broken by his past and not being able to let go of the past and forgive not what happen, but to forgive himself. Vere hung on to his anger and grief after the death of his parents. Letting go of anger and even grief is hard for many of us, and I finally understood where Vere was coming from as I cried for the young man Vere was and what he finally saw what he was missing in his life and seeing his bright future in front of him. Elissande, I understood very quickly, she was the mirror image of Vere, in the way she acted to hide her fear from her evil uncle. While Ver played the fool, Elissande hid behind her cheerful smile. Instead of breaking under her uncle cruel watch, she was a fighter, she may have been beaten, but she was unbroken and willing to keep on fighting, to I cheered when she kicked her uncle’s butt. Elissanda saw herself as weak and lair, but I saw a woman whom was willing to move mountains and hold on to that hope, while she crawled herself out of the darkness and into the light. Thomas plays with the darkness and the light within her story, with you guessing what may be in the light, may not be what’s really the truth hiding in the darkness. Both Elissande and Vere fight their own darkness but with each other they see a mirror of the other, and while Vere fights this at first he sees how much he’s fighting his love for Elissande and Elissande fighting her love to be with Vere. The sensual level was high between them, but not the sex scenes between them wasn’t graphic, but sensual. While there was many dark moments in the book, and the continuing mystery/crime going around Elissande’s uncle, there was also some very light and humorous moments with Vere acting the idiot and some of the things he would do make me laugh out loud many times, and the blooming romance Freddie (Vere’s bother) and his best friend as the woman she is and the love she’s held for him for so long.Overall: Sherry Thomas writes a great dance of light and dark with His At Night, with strong leads with understandable troubles they face. This maybe my first Sherry Thomas book, but it won’t be my last.