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The Perfect Stranger

The Perfect Stranger - Anne Gracie Book 3 of the The Merridew Sisters while the first two dealt with witty humor and lightheartness, this was much darker in tone. With Faith dealing with heartbreak and betrayal, she starts to come out of her shy and shelter shell when she meets Nicholas who is fighting his own demons from a war torn past. I really enjoyed this book more then the Perfect Waltz, perhaps due to it’s darker but more real tone of what a solider must deal with after the war is over. Nick at times I wanted to hug him and other times I wanted to hit him over the head, but as the story unfolds you see how he “lives” for the moment and takes what he cans. Faith has grown up a lot in this book, you see her changing and moving away from the shadow of her family and her past. She becomes such a strong woman you can’t help but cheer her on, but mostly how she starts to heal Nick’s heart and how Nick shows her she can truly stand on her own two feet. Although I loved this book better then the second, the ending was a little off in left field for me which I felt the book didn’t need to an already great story. Overall: another great love story about the Merridew Sisters but just a little love can heal a broken heart and make it whole.