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Marrying the Royal Marine (Harlequin Historical)

Marrying The Royal Marine - Carla Kelly The last of the trilogy of three illegitimate daughters and sisters finding love in a time of war, Carla Kelly ends this series of books with a total bang, that brought tears to me eyes. Kelly writes some moving scenes through this series, and shows the readers different aspects of war, from the families soldiers leave behind, to those whom heal and save their lives, and last the innocence lost through war but the bright light of hope that is never lost through the darkness. The youngest Polly Brandon is on a voyage to meet with her oldest sister Laura across the sea in order to do all she can in this war. Always knowing she plain cast off from her father because of this, Polly is very direct toward people, and her kindness and light shown through, even when she becomes very seasick, and is in care of a kind Royal Marine, whom she strikes up a deep friendship with, and later falls deeply in love with, it’s through this friendship and love, Polly is able to help others in need around her, from the young women victims of war and french soldiers and their children, and it’s this strength that will help her through when she is captured by the french and must use her wits for herself and her beloved Royal Marine Hugh Philippe Junot in order for them to stay alive and find their love for one another. Polly and her sisters are some of the strongest leads I’ve ever read about, and through their trials they go through, they don’t buckle down or cry, but grow stronger and keep fighting and for me, Polly showed and found her own strength, while she helped the young rape victims and the children in a war torn land. CK really shined and torn at my heart as she told not only a romance, but how war hurts the innocence, in war there is never any winners. Polly does what she can, and as she falls in love with Hugh and how he helped her, she grows from this. Polly doesn’t think Hugh would look at her twice, being the handsome, kind man he is, (plus feeling plain and him being her nurse through her first sea voyage.) Hugh makes Polly feel like the beautiful person she truly is, and it’s her inner strength that really draws Hugh to her that he can’t forget about. Hugh is a doll, there’s not much to say about how much I love him. He cares deeply and will risk just as much. He nurses Polly through her seasickness, watches over her, can’t get her out of his head, and will risk everything to be with her in the end, even his life. Hugh may be complex, but he’s very simple in his duty of wanting to help. Hugh is tried of sitting behind a desk, and after the death of a marine, he wants to go out there on the field and get the marines take on what could be done better. Even as he goes on his duty and leaves Polly with her sister, he can’t forget about her, and knows even through she’s young and feels like an old man, he adores and loves her and when he meets up with her again and finds out she maybe in danger, doesn’t even think twice of going with her to protect her. And when their capture, Hugh just shines brighter and he uses his mind in order to keep Polly safe (says she’s his wife so she doesn’t get raped) and even when he is shown as witness to a woman’s death/suicide Hugh isn’t all macho and cries tears of grief for the senseless lost. This made Hugh more of a man I love in my hearts and hearts because he cared even for his foe’s families. Hugh and Polly go through hell, but this only bound them together through their love. This felt like a adventure romance toward the end with both Polly and Hugh as they fight their way out of french capture, but CK doesn’t just show the French as the bad guys, but one French Colonel as a family man, doing just his duty. This brought home that war tears up a lot of families on both sides, and it’s through love and hope that keeps up going and heals the wounds.Overall: CK is one of my all-time favorite authors for a reason, and many authors can’t fit an amazing story in short format , but CK can and Marrying a Royal Marine showed this and more. She fit in two amazing characters with a wide range story that at times tears at your heart, while healing it with a beautiful romance.