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Everything and the Moon (Lyndon Family Saga Series #1)

Everything and the Moon - Julia Quinn Reading the author note at the beginning from JQ about how she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, hit the nail on the head for myself as a person and a reader. Although it sounds lovely with flowers and sparkles all around, it’s only fairy tales. But in JQ fashion she made me believe in love at first sight while and after reading Everything and The Moon. I enjoyed this book greatly and had a hard time putting it down. JQ has a way of making her heroes sweet, kind, tough when need be and so many other things, then having to make them all bad ass alpha male. Robert Kemble, the Earl of Macclesfield is just that. He can’t believe he fell in love with Victoria at first sight, as he have a keen mind on science, but knows he’s never felt this way before and just embraces the feeling. It also tears at your heart when you see both Roberts and Victoria’s fathers tear them apart. For the next seven years Robert is in a sort of limbo not feeling anything. While Victoria goes through the same type of emotions. She to couldn’t understand how intune she was to Robert when they first met as they get to know one another they just fall more in love with one another. But fate and her father play their role to tear the pair apart for seven years. Seven lonely years for Victoria as a governess not, seeing her sister or father and having to deal with rude and mean employers. When she sees Robert again, all she wants is to be left alone, while Robert wants his revenge. Thankfully, both their plans go awry, as the slowly fall in love with one another all over again. This isn’t a easy road. Both have a lot of pain and truths they have to face, some events makes your heart ache for the two, while at the same time JQ makes you laugh at the banter and cheer for them to reach their HEA. Robert is the one whom is steadfast when he learns the truth about what happen that night. He doesn’t give up on Victoria even though he wants to ring her neck many of times. I loved Robert steadfastness, and just how he believed in the face of odds stacked against him. I want to marry a man like Robert that’s for sure! I did have some trouble with Victoria, while I liked her greatly, I got tried of her pushing Robert away. But for her, her reasons were pretty sound, I understood where she was coming from, but it took a long time for her to see the truth for herself. This I felt kinda slowed down the story. But with the added secondary characters and humor it didn’t drag it for long. The true beauty of the story was seeing these two wonderful people not give up on one another, and watch them fall in love with one another all over again...Overall: Watching these two fall in love with one another not once but twice and seeing their HEA was well worth it, and JQ was very right and more, after reading Everything and The Moon, I now believe in Love at First!