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An Unacceptable Offer

An Unacceptable Offer - Mary Balogh After long searches for this book for so long it was well worth it in the end to have my own copy! Mary Balogh did a wonderful job of making her characters like onions, as you read you start to peel away another layer that makes you understand them more. I really adored Jane and can feel for her, unlike others females jumping at the chance to marry big with or without love, Jane is level-headed and gives each man who ask her hand in marraige deep thought, weighting in her mind her options before either going into spinsterhood or getting married and being content in no doubt a loveless marriage. After five long years Lord Fairfax is back looking for a new wife after the death of his first wife both ended up stuck in loveless marriage, he’s determined to find a mother for his two daughters a woman with sensible head on her shoulders this time Fairfax comes across at first as an conceited man with wealth and power at his fingertips and puts no real thought or feeling into his offer for Jane just assuming she bow down to him, but Jane turns him down and I could not help but applaud her and her words. Fairfax only judged Jane by her cover looking for a housekeeper, mother and wife but what about Jane herself?Through that rejection Fairfax eyes are open to the inner Jane and Jane learns more about Fairfax the loving and caring father. They make a wonderful couple, learning it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. I could go on and on about how much I loved this book, and no doubt not do it justice. Overall a wonderful story that will go straight to heart with it’s message of love but don’t jugde a book by it’s cover because they could surprise you!