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Mountain Wild (Harlequin Historical)

Mountain Wild - Stacey Kayne Maggie known by the locals as Mad Mag the recluse trapper has been running all her life from a past that almost had her killed. When that past comes up against her, she finds herself helped by a local rancher. Never did she think she be helping that rancher again by saving his life after he’s attacked and left for dead in the snow. Garret Daines life hasn’t been a bed of roses, but he’s worked his way up building his ranch and cattle herd, but on a dark winter night, he's attack suddenly and when he wakes, finds himself snowbound inside the cabin of a beautiful woman he’s never seen before. As the snow-covered days go by and the attraction builds between the couple, Garret and Maggie both feel a deeper feeling and draw between them grow even as Maggie’s past finally catches up with her. It’s been a few years since I sat down to read a western, and really lost my taste for the genre awhile back. Picking up Stacey Kayne’s Mountain Wild, I was a little leery, but my doubts quickly vanished as I was pulled into the story. I really enjoyed the book and it’s characters with its remote setting in the beginning, snow bound, you could really feel the fire start to build between Maggie and Garret. Both leads were easy to understand and you knew where they were coming from, both upfront with their feelings and emotions, never misleading each other (“to much” in Maggie’s case) making the story run smoothly without the misunderstandings that sometimes seem to litter romance novels. Maggie lived in the wilderness, taken in by an old trapper whom not only saved her life one cold night but also, taught her all he knew on how to survive. Being anit-social didn’t mean Maggie was without feelings, far from it, she cared for Garret and falls in love with him after his many acts of kindness toward her and even his attempts of “wooing” her. Garret was great; he was kind and funny, and very brave (got beat up a lot in this book!) He adored Maggie and never held it against her that she withheld her past, understanding about being hurt in the past after being hurt deeply him self. Garret loved to have Maggie fuss over him and give him sass knowing it was just her way of caring for him. They both really even each other out, with Garret coming off carefree most of the time and Maggie being the serious one. While I sometimes seem to pity the villain in the story, I felt the villain kinda got off easy in the end, after everything he put Maggie and Garret trough I wanted him to get his just desserts! (Bloodthirsty, I know) Even though this is part of a series, it can be a stand-alone book all on it’s own. With it’s only fault being for me: IT WAS TO SHORT! I wanted more! It was that good!Overall: a great western that will pull you in, with the action not letting up till the very last page as your drawn toward Maggie and Garret as they fight side by side and in the end find their happiness and love in each other.