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The Devil in Winter (Wallflower Series #3)

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas As I read the third book in the Wallflower series, I couldn’t get the image of a young strong woman taming a blue-eyed dragon. The dragon though was a handsome rake; Sebastian St. Vincent who at first comes across as cold, selfish and callous thinking of himself and only his self. So when Evie comes to him with a deal to save him from the so-called poorhouse, he takes the deal with both hands like a greedy child. Evie sees Sebastian as her only way out from the abuse of her family and to see her dying father one last time. While the shyest of the wallflower group, you see Evie come into her own, growing stronger and with a core of steel hidden deep within. Thru the lost of her father and her marriage to Sebastian, Evie truly blossoms into a strong woman. I didn’t care to much for Sebastian as a hidden villain in It Happened One Autumn, but it did go to show another side to this imperfect, beautiful man,(who I come to adore myself) who didn’t even know he had a heart and that he could love so deeply like he loves Evie. Slowly he’s shown to have a heart of gold willing to protect and risk his own life for the woman he loves. Not as light as the first two books, this book by far the most beautiful. With two tragic and complex leads finding each other and themselves thru hardships and lost. Even the sensual level between Sebastian and Evie is great, showing you the bond between them becoming stronger along with their love for one another. The wallflower group wasn’t in the background much. As secondary character limelight was shown brightly on Cam Rohan, who at times shown more wisdom and trust in matters. While I look froward to his book, I kinda wished him and Daisy would have got together *wink*Overall: a beautiful book with two very beautiful characters who grow, shine and find love in one other as they make their way toward their happy ever after!