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Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You - Lisa Kleypas This was such a beautiful story that had me reading it in about one sitting! You met Derek Craven in The Came You as a gambling club owner with a dark past who had to claw his way up to the top and do everything in his power to stay there. When he’s suddenly attacked he’s saved by a well-known author Sara Fielding. After finding out who Derek is, Sara asks in the name of research for her next book to view his gambling club but, when sparks fly between them Derek and Sara they both face obstacles as they fall in love with each other. Derek and Sara are as different as day and night, while Derek is left jaded and cold from his past, Sara is very innocent but the sensual level between them sizzles at each meeting. Both have different strengths in each other but together they become stronger and complete. Derek is complete at times, but hides and runs away from Sara as he starts to fall in love with her, Sara shows a great strength as she opens her heart to Derek knowing he may not love her, still willing to take a risk and take a chance on love. It was great to re-visit Lily and Alex as they (mostly Lily) give a push to get Derek and Sara together. While being friends that stand besides the couple in any situation. The villain was a b**** no, really she was, but I found great enjoyment when she was finally stopped by none other the Sara herself. I didn’t care for the middle of the book over the mommy’s boy Perry and was glad when Sara finally put her foot down and went with Derek. Overall: Beautiful story of two lonely people finally find the family, friendship and love, they have always wanted , better then any dream