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Where Dreams Begin

Where Dreams Begin - Lisa Kleypas This was one of the great hidden gems that take you by surprise and wish it never end! I adored Zachary (a lot- one of my fave LK men now) one of those men who strive to make themselves better in a time where the lower class weren’t given half a chance. Zach shows he’s not only is he handsome, strong and caring but can be a wicked scoundrel. Holly after three years was coming out of her grief shell after the death of her beloved husband into society again and when she’s kissed in the shadows by a man, starts her on a different path in life. Zachary and Holly were so different yet so alike, while Holly tries to come to terms with the death of her husband, Zachary is trying to prove himself (by force) to the ton and mostly to himself. You can slowly see the tension build between them which was very enjoyable when the steam level goes up a notch later on. They were such a great couple as they start to fall in love with each other. While Holly did annoy me as she kept running away from Zachary, but as I looked at it from a different view, it’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love wether it’s a lover, husband, son or daughter, so I couldn’t fault Holly for her feelings, but it doesn’t take her long to open her eyes. (Thankfully!) Zachary also torn at my heart as he watched over Holly as his heart slowly broke toward the end of the book (no spoilers!) Out of all the secondary characters the one that stood out the most was Vardon, Lord Ravenhill whom I someday hope LK will write about in his own story as I love to learn more about him and hope for his own HEA. Overall: a truly hidden treasure of a book with a great hero in Zachary with some heartbreaking scenes that will have you crying and some steamy scenes that only LK can do. A book you don’t want to ever end but can only be happy as Holly and Zachary find their own happiness and love in each other.