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Lady Sophia's Lover (Bow Street Runners Series #2)

Lady Sophia's Lover - Lisa Kleypas While Someone to Watch Over Me was somewhat of a disappointment, Lady Sophia's Lover truly made up for it ten-fold! In Someone to Watch Over Me you meet Ross Cannon who appears cold but not uncaring with the weight of the world not riding on his shoulders. Know to pretty much live as a monk, after the death of his first wife, straightlaced, and a true believer in right and wrong. Ross appears to be large then life almost- superhuman. Slowly you comes to see Ross in a different light, as just a man, lonely, filled with passion and not afraid to put his heart on the line to get what he wants in the end. Sophia at first comes across as a manipulative woman with a revenge filled plan to destroy Ross for a past crime, but she truly has no heart for the plan and slowly as she starts to see who Ross truly is, gives up the plan and as she realized she has fallen in love with him which she fights as she now is a servant and Ross an important figure. Both characters have a lot of depth and whom had their share of heartache and hardships. With Ross first impressions could not be any more off base with him, and after finally accepting his feelings for Sophia doesn’t let anything stand in his way and goes out of his way to win her over. Very open with his thoughts and feelings and doesn’t run over Sophia like other Alpha Males would have, but slowly draws her out. Sophia stands to be a strong character next to Ross and with her strong will and kindness toward Ross opens his heart that he locked away. The sparks fly red hot between the two and the sensual level is very high. The story was great and showed more to a life of a Bow Street Runner but also the top guy would have to go through giving up a lot of his private life to serve justice and protect the innocents keeping order where at the times there wasn’t. Plus the rivalry between thief-takers and the Bow Street Runners was a great part to the story mostly the best thief-taker Nick Gentry!Overall: an another amazing LK story with some great twists and a high sensual level between Ross and Sophia but proving that lurking behind a block of ice maybe a blaze of fire *fans self*