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Somewhere I'll Find You

Somewhere I'll Find You - Lisa Kleypas Being wed as a child and having the right of any type of marriage taken away from her Juila Hargate forged her own way through life, giving up everything she known and loved to become the well known actress Jessica Wentworth, but the shadow of the man she married still looms over her. Damon Savage for three years has searched for his wife knowing she was a victim as much as he, he tries to put things right as he saves his family from the brink of debt from his father’s mismanagement and gambling, when he first sees Juila he can’t get the memory of their first kiss out of his head and knows they’re meant to meet again. Little does he know the woman who stands before him is his wife. When Juila finds out who the man who stares at her with eyes the color of smoke and steel is her husband, she feels drawn to him while another part of her wants to run away and never look back. The pull between Juila and Damon leave them with both fighting an attraction along with the past pains and mistrust, but the fire burns bight between them and leaves them burning up the pages as they both find out the truth while falling in love. Somewhere I’ll Find You never lets up it’s pace, your drawn into the story at the first page and it doesn’t let you go until the very end. I enjoyed both Juila and Damon as both tried to fight and accept the past while trying to live their lives. They were so alike in many ways as both try and make their own paths. The story never drags and the mystery of whose Damon wife doesn’t get carried on through the whole book but is reveled early on giving you a chance to see how the couple would react to each other when knowing the truth. What made me love Damon, instead of acting like a total a-hole at being lied to, Damon sees in Juila the hardships she went through much as he has. While both don’t make it easy for one another, you can see how they connect on a deeper level as the sensual level between them ignites. Both were pretty mule-headed which made me want to tear my hair out at times at having it their way or the highway, Damon who wants someone to love and take care of with no leeway. Juila on the other hand still has trouble dealing with trusting someone after the betrayal by her family in the child marriage that bind her the Damon. Hiding behind the prison she made for herself as she wears the mask of a actress. The heart of the book being able to meet the one you love half-way and compromise as both Juila and Damon have to learn to do if they want to be with the one they love, which I feel reflects on any relationship one has, if your willing to love someone meet them half way. The limelight did shine somewhat away from Juila and Damon to Logon Scott who’s a true actor only giving you tidbits of his past and leaving you wanting more, making me glad he appears in his own book as I find myself wondering what made him the man he is. Even with the added villain you’re still rooting for Juila and Damon to the very end and LK does somewhat drag it to the very end, but it only shows you how much as a couple they have grown to trust and compromise as their love for one another grows deeper. Overall: A wonderful read with a deep message of meeting the person you love half way in anything and everything. As the curtain falls on this couple and their happy ever after.