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The Surgeon's Lady (Harlequin Historical)

The Surgeon's Lady - Carla Kelly Carla Kelly has a way of showing not glossing over like some other regency romances the hardships of war. But not the war it’s self, but the effect it has one the lives of people. How it effects the families and love ones of soldiers- off to fight battles they don’t know their be able to come home from. In Marrying The Captain Your shown the effects war has on families, and the love that soldiers live on, when their hearts are back home and their minds having to be in the heat of battle. With The Surgeon's Lady you gives sometimes a hard look at what doctors even to this day have to go through, trying to save the lives our their brave men, and having to deal with the lost when they can’t save the lives of a soldier. But, through this book, it showed me how laughter, hope and love still burn bright even in the most darkest of times. Lady Laura Taunton was sold by her evil father to pay off his debts to a man, Laura came to fear and hate. After her husband had a stroke leaving him in a infant state for three years, he finally died a thankless job for Laura. Now free Laura is lost more then ever, on whom she should turn to, what should she do, until a letter comes from news of a sister she never knew. In the process of learning about her sisters, Laura comes to learn a lot about herself, her inner strength that never broke through her father’s betrayal and her hard marriage. She comes to work as a Navy hospital, where she learns to treat the men out there in battle, and she comes to rely and love one of the Royal Navy Surgeons, Lieutenant Philemon Brittle, whom breaks her out of her shell and makes her see herself and the possibilities that are endless that she can do. Laura has a lot of learning to do, and at of love needed and to give, she hasn’t be able to for almost all her life. You see the strength and love Laura has for her love ones, but the biggest lesson she still needed to learn was forgiveness, and through this that many of us are able to let go of the pain that weights on our hearts and for Laura this finally frees her from her past and move on with her future with Phil. Lieutenant Philemon Brittle, was kind, caring, stern, helpful, loving and had a quick wit about him that took you by surprise. Philemon is one of those doctors that doesn’t care about fame in a time of war, but helping each man as best he can with their wounds, cheer or make the soldiers laugh and wasn’t ashamed to cry when he lost one of them. Philemon was the one whom truly taught Laura more about herself, not only being a nurse but being able to trust and love and forgive. Phil always saw Laura as an equal and treated her as such, always front up about everything, but a little shy when he confessed his love. Phil was Laura’s rock in the storm she was going through, even when he himself had to deal with so much. He still made time for Laura and when he needed comfort and support Laura was finally there to help him as he helped her. I loved Philemon and how he loved with all his heart, but his sense of humor had me laughing out loud in some scenes. Like after Laura and Phil finally make love for the first time Laura shyly ask if his aunt/housekeeper knows what their doing.. “Probably. This room was throbbing and glowing. There might even be a crowd gathered outside, wondering what the hell” Overall: This was another beautiful story by CK, that may show the gloom and hardship of war, but also shows that love on it’s own can win any war.