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Written on Your Skin

Written on Your Skin - Meredith Duran Life in a golden cage has worn thin for Mina Masters as she forced into a unwanted marriage, thinking to disgrace herself enough to avoid matrimony she sets her sights on the american Mr.Monroe who also happens to be a British spy Phin Granville. Phin charged to go after an arms dealer who happens to be Mina stepfather, but when he’s poisoned, it’s up to Mina to save him. After getting away, four years later, Phin has a title to rid himself and getting out of the game of espionage, but when a letter comes his way with Mina asking for help, he drawn one last time into the dark game with Mina and his lives on the line. As Mina and Phin draw deeper into in the game both start to see that there’s more then meets the eye in each other and behind their mask as their dark game starts to fire their desire in one another. It was hard to rate this book ,while I enjoyed it greatly there was a few parts that kinda turned out iffy for me. The first half of the book felt blah and dragged somewhat as you learn a little about Mina and Phin, many of the thought monologue were somewhat jumble not giving you a clear picture making you think not only has the character wander off in thought but the author as well. The frist half gives you the mere bare bones of the plot. The only golden moments where Phin and Mina’s banter. The second part was where the action and the character development really begin, I found Mina’s character at times was very hard to like, she was clever and used her smarts in order to survive the harsh treatment and world after helping Phin escape. At times I really liked her as the mask she worn to protect herself slipped and the mature woman emerge, but almost like one step forward one step back she would do something immature making me roll my eyes. It was cute and understandable when she acted feather brain in the beginning then it became old. Phin also hid himself behind masks of his own making, trying to live beyond the abuse of his father, which was never fully explain or expanded more in a greater detail. Phin came across as cold and in control all the time, his mask was the first to slip and what you see beyond is a sad and lonely mapmaker. The relationship between Phin and Mina was hot, but instead of feeling love between them it almost came across as a sex game for dominance, I liked Phin as he gave over the control to Mina who thought she had one up on him, but making her come across as naive instead of worldly when the tables turned on her. *winks* Both had major trust issues, and who in their right mind could fault them for it with such troubled pasts, but Phin showed more maturity as he laid it out on the line before Mina, Mina acted more mule-headed coming across spoiled rotten and not thinking more with her head. Although she had some wise words and thinking toward the end for Phin that made him turn around his life and look at it closely, I thought to myself “Why didn’t you act like this sooner?” I really loved the duo as they finally let their masks slip off and show themselves to each other, it made me smile as they finally learn to trust one another. I sometimes didn’t understand why Mina risked her neck for her Mother who always came across as ungrateful. Her daughter risked her life and she was more worried about her dress of acting right in public or staying in a prsion of her own making. Her words about Mina always landing on her feet didn’t fill me with heartfealt love toward her even when Mina reveled a past story. Also the unanswer question of how Mina’s mother landed in this mess was never answered. Overall: a great book with a slow first half, with some sexy scenes between two people hiding behind masks as it breaks apart and their shown they can trust and love without conditions or prisons to bind them, an amazing story even with itfaults!