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Simply Perfect

Simply Perfect - Mary Balogh In the last of the Simply Series, Claudia Martin wasn’t looking for love, she had her school and her students, but when Joseph, Marquess of Attingsborough walks through her school doors and changes her and his world forever...... In the last of the Simply Series, Simply Perfect centers around the headmistress Claudia Martin, whose hand to claw her way in order for her school to be successful, her true pride and joy are the charity students whom go on to become successful in their own right. Going with two of her oldest students to see about getting them jobs, Claudia find out one of her dear friend and old teachers has sent another instead a peer, who acts like a carefree peer Claudia can’t stand, as they travel to London Claudia sees beyond the carefree gentleman to a man whose at a lost to help not only his daughter whom is blind but himself, Claudia finds herself doing the unthinkable..falling in love. Joseph, Marquess of Attingsborough has been groomed to be the next Duke after the passing of his father, and the weight of his title has brought him down, having to finally marry and produce an heir, but hidden away is a daughter he adore, whom he longs to protect away from the world, but also be able to go out and enjoy the world’s wonders for herself. Joseph is stuck between his duty and his love, and when Claudia walks into his life he knows he’ll do anything for love. The ending to the Simply series with Claudia Martian finally getting her chance as an HEA. Claudia always came across as a true blue strict teacher, but behind the armor she wore, was a kind and loving woman and friend. Well known for thumbing her nose at the Bedwyns, Claudia has a rough past when he comes to peers, after her own friend and then lover left her for a dukedom, putting her down in the process. This event caused Claudia to lose something in herself and belief and self-worth of being a woman. Many things comes to past for Claudia has she slowly loses her armor that not only surrounds her body but her heart and soul. Joseph and his daughter are able to show Claudia to joy of just being in love and being love for oneself’s. I was really happy to see Claudia get her own HEA, although she could hold a grudge she was caring and would protect anyone from the world. She was truly kind-hearted. Joseph had a true tug of war going on in his life, from duty to his title and family to his heart. Joseph loved his daughter and quickly as he saw more of Claudia fell in love with her as well. This put a strain on his and the family he longed for, one full of love to one full of cold duty. When Joseph finally chooses love, he takes some hard hits, but stands beside his love ones and risks it all for love. I adore Joseph he’s second only to Syd, with a big heart and strong sense of duty, Joseph loved greatly and deeply, and as both him and Claudia take their chances on love, they were willing to take their chance at love together. As the rest of the simply series, many characters make an return with a few glimpses of past leads characters of the simply series starting their own families. While I greatly enjoy reading Simply Perfect, I felt it lacked the true romance that really makes MB books shine bright. The romance between Claudia and Joseph was very slow and really didn’t kick off toward the end. The focus was mostly on Claudia and Joseph helping his daughter, the romance seem to finally make a last dash to the finish line making it feel rushed, but still very sweet.Overall: a great ending to the simply series, a series I enjoyed greatly with each book having it’s own message of understanding ,forgiveness and most importantly love... simply perfect!