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At the Bride Hunt Ball (Avon Romance)

At the Bride Hunt Ball - Olivia Parker Gabriel Devine, Duke of Wolverest has a plan, snare his younger brother a wife to carry on the Devine line, leaving him free to go on about his life in an unwanted marriage, but when social disaster Madelyn Haywood walks in his life, his life is turned upside down! Olivia Parker debut is such a fun read, with some slap-stick comedy that will have any reader laughing out loud as some of the things that Madelyn gets into! Madelyn is pretty klutzy and always ends up in a some sort of disaster or another, wanting to be free and from under her scheming stepmother’s thumb, Madelyn is surprised when she’s invited to the so called Bride Ball for young brother of the Duke of Wolverset, that she even runs away from accepting the invite hearing tales of the charming rakes of the Devine males, when she runs across a kind stranger...a Mr.Devine... Madelyn still doesn’t wish to attend the ball, but when her friend whom has been in love with the young Devine brother is also invited. Madelyn knows she can’t let her friend go alone to the wolf’s den and with her stepmother wanting for Madelyn to caught the Duke’s eye, Madelyn is in for a fix when she finds herself drawn the Gabriel... Gabriel finds marriage a lifetime prison, so to avoid this outcomes, he’s arrange a Bride Hunt Ball for his younger brother so he’ll be able to carry on the Devine and Gabriel can go on with his life. When Gabriel sees Madelyn running away, he meets up with her to find out her story only to be told he’s a wolf and a rake, unknown to her though Gabriel is the Duke whom she talks bad about. Gabriel finds her a refreshing and very truthful, that when she arrives at the Bride Hunt Ball, he can’t seem to keep away from her and keeping her out of trouble she always seems to land in! When the plan goes wary Gabriel finds himself in love and thinking the unthinkable..marriage to Madelyn! The Bride Hunt’s Ball, was just a light fun read though and through with just enough depth to understand where both Gabriel and Madelyn come from in their thoughts and actions. Gabriel saw what a loveless marriage did to his mother and never wanted that for himself or any woman, he loved his freedom, but is floored when he meets Madelyn, everything she does is crazy, but to him she’s a breathe of fresh of air. Madelyn has been put-down by her stepmother for many years, but she’s always seem to look on the bright side of things with these things just seeming to happening to her no matter what laughing off falling into a pond or off a crazy wagon ride. Gabriel and Madelyn were great foils for one another, and even with a slight misunderstanding toward the end, they were perfect for one another, Gabriel taught Madelyn to believe in herself while Madelyn taught Gabriel to have fun! The pace and comedy was fast paced, with all the events taking place at the Bride Ball, and Devine Home. There was a few surprises and some great steam scenes between Gabriel and Madelyn that topped it off. The secondary characters were also added perfectly to the story, with mousey and BF of Madelyn, Charlotte trying to win the bride hunt ball and have the younger Devine brother notice her, I just loved this book with all’s charm!Overall: charming, light and some very laugh out loud moments, The Bride Hunt’s Ball is a real joy with it’s it romance and it’s HEA for Gabriel and Madelyn.