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Touched by Fire (Seduction Romance)

Touched by Fire - Kathleen O'Reilly Once upon a time there was once was a young boy who wanted to and grew up to be a DragonSlayer to stop the dragon that lived within him and save the innocent lives around him but when evil tries to stop the DragonSlayer and hurt those he loves, it’s up to a brave princess to save the DragonSlayer lonely heart Touched by Fire took on a fairy tale feel to it (as one lovely lady reviewer wrote) with Colin Wescott wanting as a child to be a DragonSlayer to protect the innocent and prevent himself from becoming like his father who was a violent highwayman who had raped his mother and was the focus of his mother’s husband the Earl’s wrath and blame. Always trying to prove himself in be not like his biological father, Colin went off to war and became the supporter of an child’s orphanage, but even after the Earl’s death, he still tries to ruin Colin life and even makes a deal that forces Colin to marry or his beloved orphanage would be given a man would sells off the children. Colin never wanting to marry is at wits end and leaves the marriage to his butler, until he meets up with Sarah Banks and his heart is lost forever. Sarah no stranger to hardships herself, the daughter of gambling hall owner Sarah always been looked down upon by the higher society. Sarah having backbone of steel never let her hurt show, but still held dreams of having knight with sherry colored save her from her loneliness. When she meets Colin she thinks all her dreams have finally come true, but as he keeps pushing her away, Sarah shallows her pride time and again knowing in her heart of hearts her and Colin are meant to be together and being taught by her father Banks never lose, Sarah is going to throw out all the stops to win her knight. Colin used his love for dragons as a metaphor for the bad people in life, feeling that a dragon lurks in his own soul because of his biological father, he feared being around women and stayed far away from them, he fights his attraction to Sarah tooth and nail, but is a gentle and kind soul with a heart of a true knight as he’s willing to risk his own life to protect the innocent and even Sarah from himself. I loved, loved Colin , he was sweet and shy, with a heart of gold. Although it did get on my nerves that he kept on running away (but with a little helping hand by his matchmaker butler Giles) it takes him a little time to see beyond the abuse he suffered from the Earl which scarred him deeply, but slowly those scars heal with the love he has with Sarah and the love she gives him. Sarah was a little harder to like due to her daydreaming of having Colin save her and being very weak around him, that soon changes as she starts to see beyond her dreams to the gentle and strong man. The part that won me over with Sarah is that although she could have cheated him in cards , she didn’t instead went on faith that the attraction between them would bring them closer, and it did! A rarity in romance land was that both leads were virgins, and although the first love scene was not the best in terms of love and hot, and almost kinda strange with the condition Colin places to protect Sarah, that quickly changes as Colin starts to feel more secure that he won’t hurt Sarah. The later love scenes are very sweet and hot. The pace of the book is very easy, with Colin’s past upfront as he deals with being home from war and the looming threat of going to war again and him dealing with his feelings for Sarah. Sarah really does all the chasing in this book, which didn’t bug me as much as the chase itself with Sarah and Colin running away then running back to each other over the course of the book. It wrung on my nerves as I wanted them to get to together already! Patience is a virtue bringing a few tears to my eyes when they get together and the ending was also touching. I was bummed this was the only historical Kathleen O'Reilly has written so far, here’s hoping she writes another in the future (soon!) Overall: a beautiful fairy tale style romance with a gallant hero knight and a brave heroine princess that will steal your heart as you read about their romance and fairy tale ending...