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Indiscreet - Carolyn Jewel Edward, Marquess of Foye, would happily stay a bachelor after being heartbroken once before, not willing to risk his heart again that all changes when he sets eyes on Sabine Godard. Sabine taught by an Oxford professor was educated more then women of her time, her education has been her salvation after being falsely accused of being loose with her favors. Thinking she buried her passion and heart long ago, she’s surprised when her passion flares when she meets Edward. As Edward and Sabine fall in love with each other, they must not only deal with old wounds from their pasts but dangers around the corner.... I enjoyed this book greatly, with the exotic location in a time where war and unrest are starting to brew. Carolyn Jewel has a true gift to bring out her characters who may not be handsome or drop dead beautiful on the outside, but have a great beauty from the inside and whose personality makes them leaps and bounds more attractive. Edward was in his own words “a beast of a man” 6'6 of all muscle, with a not so handsome face. Coming across as cold, Edward is slowly reviled to have a protective streak a mile long and a very kind heart. Hurt deeply but his so called friend and his fiancee, Edward is still dealing with the lost of many people who he once cared for. When he meets Sabine he’s floored by her. I “heart” Edward, he was so gentle with Sabine, and moved heaven and earth to make sure she was safe. When he fell in love he fell hard, and out of the two Edward although had his doubts that Sabine would love him, he still held fast when asked if he was sure he loved her and was making the right choice. He risked his life and heart for her and I couldn’t love him more for it. As a reader your also quickly drawn to Sabine after finding out how she was outted and falsely accused, indifferent to all those around her expect her Uncle, Sabine still has many doubts she has to deal with when she falls in love with Edward who knows the truth behind why she was accused, Sabine is very smart but she’s not just book smart, she also knows how to interact with those around her and keeps her head when trouble goes down. She was a very strong lead and well matched with Edward. The love scenes between Edward and Sabine are beautiful and hot, and when they say “I love you” brought a few happy tears to my eyes. There’s nothing I love more then when I get a small history lesson from a book and after reading this book I went on a history research to read up more on the events that take place in this book. The pace of the book does have it’s ups and downs with a few parts dragging. The only thing that I felt dragged this book down was the parts where I wanted more focus or time on the people or events CJ zoomed through, and spent a boring amount of time on Sabine when she had to go in disguise, plus the filler at the end was unnecessary and could have been left out. Overall: an beautiful written story with a few flaws, with two amazing leads as you follow them on their adventure and watch as they cast away their doubts and fears and fall in love....