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Fallen Angel (Signet Regency Romance)

Fallen Angel - Charlotte Louise Dolan Charlotte Louise Dolan like a shooting star blaze through leaving behind only a handful of books to her name. Fallen Angel is one of those books, that relies heavily on character driven story of Verity Jolliffe & Gabriel- Lord Sherington. Both characters had their strengths and weakness that made the book and the story so engrossing. Gabriel is hard as nails and “ruthless” to the point of just being down right cold. At the start of the story, his Aunt throws in his face that his father wasn’t his real father. This doesn’t bother Gabriel in the least, as he has no love lost for his father whom at the age of eight sent Gabriel to the sea, where he faced many of hardships. These hardships shaped the man you see, but Gabriel is a true diamond in the rough, and it takes the steady and gentle hand of Verity to bring out the diamond in Gabriel. In Verity, he sees the perfect dutiful wife, one whom once interfer with his life and sets out to make her fall in love with him and taking out his spoiled cousin out of the way to the title. What he doesn’t quiet see is the hidden spark in Verity this spark that not even her overbearing family who uses her to their own needs, but she still ends up loving can destroy. Verity and Gabriel are two kindred sprits with Gabriel’s so called family making him a hard man and Verity shy and almost weak-willed but very matter-of-fact and knows when she’s being played. Verity sees early on that Gabriel wants something from her, she doesn’t can’t place her finger on and Gabriel hates to see how Verity lets herself be taken advantage of time and again. In Gabriel, you see the true kindness, but his actions and his protective thoughts, he still shows his cold side by forcing Verity to see the peers whom only cater to those with true power, and even her own family pamper Gabriel because of what he could do for their family. It takes a few gentle pushes to have Gabriel break down his cold wall, with his discovery of his mother’s past and his own grandmother. These events tear at your heart, but this doesn’t change how pushy Gabriel is, but has his heart in the right place and full of love he didn't know he could feel or be gifted with. Verity has her spark baked-down due to her family, and it took sometime for him to warm up to her. She had a huge heart, but she was pushed around so much even by Gabriel I wanted to shake her, and make her grow a back-bone. This was a weakness and her strength. If she used a heavy hand on Gabriel I don’t think he would have changed as he did. It warms the reader's heart the way both change and fall in love with one another. The change is gradual and not over a few pages, and both characters make you feel joy and anger, but they make you “feel” instead of the reader just being a passive passenger. You feel many emotions that Charlotte Louise Dolan brings to this book from both leads and all the secondary characters. There is some parts that brought tears to me eyes but two scenes I loved that “made” this book so lovable for me.... Gabriel : "Tell me what kind of a husband you want and I will be that man." As Verity wakes after her wedding night to find Gabriel beside her and "her eyes widened and filled with joy, like a child who has received a most wondrous present"Overall: While Charlotte Louise Dolan only wrote a few books, I can understand why many readers say their true hidden gems, and after reading Fallen Angel I couldn't agree more. The characters were truly the backbone of this story instead of the other way around. While not perfect, still truly memorable like a shooting star in the sky.