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Beast (Avon Romantic Treasure)

Beast - Judith Ivory This is my first Judith Ivory book I’ve picked up and although it started off great, for me it fell short in the end. The Good Because of my love for the start of the book I thought I break it down between the good points on the book and the bad points. The beginning was wonderful with Charles setting out to prove that looks are not everything, teaching a lesson to Louise. I didn’t care for Louise at the start, but slowly she blooms into a mature woman, someone trying to find her way and herself in this crazy world. Charles was dark and teasing, with his own faults but playful with Louise bringing out a kindness he didn’t know he had. The banter and play between them was great, warming your heart as these two lonely people finding each other on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The Bad Almost like it became a different novel, the second part made me angry, instead of giving me that warm and fizzy feeling - gave me heartburn. Instead of Charles being a man and owning up to hiding his identity on the ship, hides the fact from Louise which drags and hinders the rest of the book. While Louise mourns her lost love and dealing with a new life in front of her, Charles doesn’t give her time for anything, wanting her to forget everything and just jump into bed with him, when she turns away from him, he becomes a Alpha Male caveman and throws a fit! Even going a low as emotional blackmail! Many times Charles could have clear the air between him and Louise, but instead hides behind a very lame excuse, even when faced with a baby, and the fact Louise knows the truth and still loves him(!), he still runs away. Which made Charles look more like an idiot and a coward.Overall: this was a good book, but the ending just didn’t settle right with me and the characters real lack of telling the truth and proving themselves just got on my nerves far to much.