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Phantom Waltz (Kendrick-Coulter-Harringan Series #2)

Phantom Waltz - Catherine Anderson Ryan Kendrick was having a bad day that is until he walked into the local hardware store and saw her; saw the love of his life sitting behind the counter. After a chat he finds himself drawn to this woman full of life and sass, even when he finds that she’s bound to a wheelchair, he can’t seem to get her out of his head and his heart and sets out to win her over. Bethany Coulter ‘s life changed in an instant when she was badly injured in a barrel-racing competition, losing the use of her legs, after eight years in a wheelchair and being hurt badly and disappointed in love. Bethany is scared of trusting Ryan, but slowly she’s won over by his kindness, understanding and love. As both overcome any or all obstacles as they find their lasting love……… Much like Annie’s Song, Phantom Waltz touches a cord deep inside your heart; with people whom aren’t physically perfect but are just as amazing as any one of us can be, even more so. Bethany, although lost the use of her legs, still does everything in her power to stay independent and cheerful trying to look on the positive side of life. Due to her accident has been wrapped up in cotton, protected from the world by her family, and after being hurt by her boyfriend early on in her accident sealed her heart away. Only until Ryan walks into her life and brings the light back does she start to see what she’s been missing out on life. Bethany was an amazing character, never giving up, and trying learning to live without the use of her legs, something all or most take for granted. CA shows us Bethany even the bad days of not even wanting to wake up, knowing she’ll have to face another day without the use of her legs. Though the hardships, she finds love, and the ability to do even more then she could have though possible with the support of a love one, someone who believed she could. Ryan….what can I say that can be express into few words, he was beautiful, amazing, kind, supportive, protective. He loved Bethany greatly willing to change his way of life, build and remake his house so she could wheel around anywhere and even risk his life for her. If I knew a man like Ryan and he loved me, I would marry him in a instant! No questions asked. The love between the two was just as profound, as Ryan is a sly devil as he works his way into Bethany heart and earns her trust. The love scenes were deep as both explore ways for Bethany to enjoy sex. Because of the medical subject matter, it was kinda hard to know if was possible for Bethany enjoy sex a certain way, but CA did a great job and the love scene became an expression of love between Ryan and Bethany. With the secondary characters add to the story, and also give you glimpse of future books, making the story take an easy pace as romance between Ryan and Bethany blossoms. The only true problem I had within the book and story was with Bethany quickly leaving Ryan because she thought she was a burden after he risked his life for her, and when he tracks her down to live with her, she changes her mind and goes back to the ranch giving Ryan the run around. The only time within the book I wanted to smack some sense into Bethany. Was more of a hinder then an overall problem. Then all went well when they had the wedding. Finally~!Overall: a beautiful story of hope and believing in someone no matter their physical limitations and loving them for whom they are on the inside.