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I'm in No Mood for Love

I'm in No Mood for Love - When life gets you down and your find out your fiancee is cheating on you, hide your sadness at the wedding party and get drunk! That’s what romance author Clare Wingate does, expect she finds herself in bed with an old familiar face from her childhood who made her life hell . Hauling tail outta there Clare tries to put the whole thing out her mind and get back to her life, if only the man from her dreams or nightmares and so called one-night stand would leave her be: Sebatian Vaughan. Sebatian a well known reporter can’t help but be amused at Clare’s obvious dislike for him and enjoys himself greatly at her discomfort as they run into each other at her mother’s house (his father being Clare’s mother’s gardener ) as he fights a writer’s block ,deadlines and the sudden attraction to Clare! Sebatian and Clare try to get one up on each other as both deal with their own family and personal troubles somehow finding a strong attraction that pull and tug at them. Clare dealing with her recent break-up and Sebatian dealing with his wanderlust can’t help but feel the fire and sparks fly the closer they get to each other. This was my first Rachel Gibson book and I really enjoyed it, not a huge fan of contemporary romances but. I could really understand and relate to both Clare and Sebatian. Clare trying to win her mother’s approval after all these years, starts to see she’s been trying to live her life to please her mother as she tries to break away. Sebatian trying to re-connect with his father after the death of his mother. While few parts were sad others were laugh out funny, one that left a smile on my face long after was Sebatian’s “research” into Clare’s romance novels. Picking one of her books up, he thought it would be a total bore only to find out he REALLY LIKED IT! A man after my own heart. Sebatian was total fun and very laid-back kinda guy to Clare’s orderly life, they clashed so beautifully. Sadly, I didn’t feel a deep-soul connection between Clare and Sebatian at times making it feel lust-hallow filled then a rock your world relationship. Plus, the jumping around in time from months and weeks for the next meeting between Clare and Sebatian got old quick. A time I felt would have been better to get to know each other again as adults then trying to light each other’s pants on fire. Overall: a cute and light romance story of two people finding themselves and each other along the way.