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Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt - Tessa Dare Lucy Waltham has just found out the man she’s been in love with since she’s been a child is getting married! Thinking of only way to get him to change his mind is seduce him, but she needs someone to practice on first. Thinking of her brother’s best friend, he would be someone perfect to practice on, he’s cold as ice and if she can thaw him out this seduction would be a piece of cake. Jeremy Trescott, the Earl of Kendall is shocked when he’s “attacked” late at night by the kissing fiend Lucy. At wits end with Lucy when he learns of her crazy scheme to seduce her crush, Jeremy takes the situation into his hands to try make Lucy realize her scheme is doomed to fail. But when an attraction flares up between Lucy and Jeremy that leads to a quick marriage, it’s only the beginning as the two start to fall in love with one another. I didn’t want it to end!! I forced myself to span out my reading, when all I wanted to do was close myself off and read the whole book, it’s that’s good. Lucy was one of those female leads that stick out and don’t fall into the norm, she comes across brass and full of sass. I did find her a little immature, but I quickly started to like her as I couldn’t help but remember my first crush and thinking it was the end of the world when they didn’t like me back. She didn’t come across as selfish or spoiled but a go-getter, who grows up from a young girl with starry eyed dreams to a young mature woman who thinks beyond herself. Jeremy’s persona- the Ice Man cometh- would have been complete if you didn’t get a great insight into his thoughts and his actions didn’t counteract his words. He was such a darling, and how he tried to convince Lucy that her seduction would fail, how he felt anger toward everyone who just cast Lucy’s feelings as those of a young girl but took them seriously and tried to protect her at ever turn. I did feel him being a little over-protective of Lucy did water down the story somewhat, but that quickly changed when “why” he was over-protective of her came into light, you start to understand him even better. Together, both were totally perfect for each other as they both start to fall in love with each other and learn a few lessons about one another along that really draw them closer. The steam level of this book was red hot, even the kisses between Lucy and Jeremy were very sensual (the wardrobe scene was my fave) that I wanted to reach for a glass of cool water. The tension between the two just heighten the story as it progress, but each love scene didn’t hinder the pace of the story but make the character grow closer to each other and really added to the overall plot wonderfully. The secondary characters added just the right touch to the story, but the true scene stealer was Sophia and her crazy fantasies and stories had me laughing and shaking my head. Overall: Tessa Dare has become the author to watch for me, I really adored and loved this book to pieces, Lucy and Jeremy were perfect with a lot of great scenes that will have you never wanting this book to end! But when it does end, it’ll leave you sighing happily long after.