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Seven Nights to Forever

Seven Nights to Forever - Evangeline Collins When I read Evangeline Collins debut novel, I greatly enjoyed her writing and her writing voice, and looked forward to her next novel. Seven Nights to Forever had me floored from start to finish! I was trapped into the weave Collins weaved with the emotional novel. James Archer is alone, totally and utterly alone. Dealing with the constant abuse from his wife, he drowns himself in work. Until out of the pure need to be with someone goes to a well-known brothel and pays for the best of the best. Rose Marlowe. The night passes with two souls reaching out not in passion but in a shared loneliness that would soon bind them closer then lovers, but soul mates. While at first I was leery, but very much curious as to how she would make the abusive victim in a relationship the man had me with my doubts. She could play it to hard and make him a wimp, but with James Archer never once did I feel he was pussy-whipped or needed to grow a set. NEVER! I felt for him deeply instead, and understood where he was coming from, how he like many victims of abusive relationships either woman or man are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes it takes that one last push for them to finally see their stronger then their abuser and stand up for themselves. I felt James was more of a man for not raising his hand to his wife when she clearly needed to be knocked the &^%# out! But the real reason touched my heart and to why he put up with his shrew of a wife, one I would have let the other in the party to decide… Rose also had her share of troubles, dealing with selling herself to the highest bidder for one week a month in order to keep her troublesome brother in college, something she keeps him from knowing. Rose and James carry a lot of burden on their shoulders for the ones they love, and are later shown to the reader, a burden that need not even had to be carried upon their shoulders. But we tend to carry unwanted burdens for our love ones, just because we love them. Rose and James have a lot of love and honor and at times they’re like the same side of the coin in their actions and feelings. This gives us, readers a deeper understanding as to why they’re so attractive to each other that goes beyond sex. James and Rose don’t just hop into bed with one another, but work toward it, and each scene is sensual without going down and dirty. This also brings them at times apart and closer, as they try to feel out their relationship with one another. Their burdens and troubles were a double-edge sword for me though. I felt their misplaced burden was just that misplaced. For Rose I felt she needed of had spoken up to her brother about their troubles long ago instead of treating him like a child. With James and his family, well I was very curious about. We never see or hear much about James father, whom pretty much forced James into an unwanted marriage and later was forcing/pushing James sister into grabbing a titled gentleman. Why did this father have so much power over his children’s heads, when he really never was in the picture to begin with? This was the parts I couldn’t really understand and knocked off a star in my overall rating. With Rose’s solution felt sort of anticlimax, but I did so enjoy James finally having his eyes opened and putting his evil bitch of a wife in her place! This book dealt well with a lot of issues, but Collins I think did an amazing job of showing another side in the abusive relationship from a male view, but in that making him that much stronger. With a at times a poetic flow of words, and two strong and honorable and loving lead characters. A beautiful keeper!