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Her Ladyship's Companion

Her Ladyship's Companion - Evangeline Collins I’m always willing to check out new authors, more then not ,many still need a little work but this book was a great first for Evangeline Collins! Collins keeps the same pace throughout the book only picking up at the climax. I never felt I wanted to skip any part because of to much talking, not enough action- she wrote the perfect balance between both. She also gave you wonderful insight into both Bella’s and Gideon’s thoughts, that you never felt you need to assume this or that. You knew where they we’re coming from at all time. Bella was a great heroine with a lot of deep scars to make her who she was when she finally met Gideon. Gideon, I adore, he never pushed, never assumed and most of all never acted like an alpha male jackass I have grow to dislike. He sensual and straight-forward with just enough of a tense you want you craving more. I could understand Bella being impatient, cause I want Gideon just as much. Another big love in the book for me was the whole sensual level. They didn’t just rush into the shack, it was drawn out giving you little bit here and a little bit there. Then when it comes to them getting into bed, it was H.O.T. I guess my only gripe in the whole book was Bella’s brothers and they narrow minds and the lack of help they provided after all the hell she went through. Bella’s cousin Esme made up for them both, I would love to have a book toward her Overall, an amazing book, with a high sensual level that will leave you breathless and wanting more or wishing for your very own Gideon!