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When Harry Met Molly

When Harry Met Molly - Kieran Kramer Funny. Cute. Fast-Paced. I could on …but I wont. This is how When Harry Met Molly turned out to be. Not one to buy a book without first checking it out, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this fun romp of a book. Lord Harry Traemore is a happy bachelor, content to play the bachelor in pursuit of pleasure. That is until him and his friends are named by the Prince Regent as Impossible Bachelors and forced into a crazy wager. The bachelor with the best mistress whom wins Most Delectable Companion gets a free year of unmarried bliss, and Harry isn’t worried on bit, he’s got this wager in the bag..that is until his mistress takes off with another leaving him without a mistress, stuck with his foe and if he doesn’t get one soon, forfeits the wager and must marry ASAP! Harry’s “foe” Lady Molly Fairbanks is hot-headed, a total romantic and is running away from home to get married to her father’s assistant. She’s tried of being a caged bird, after a Christmas poem when she was a child, proclaiming her love for Harry’s older brother, her seeing her sister and Harry kiss..well gets Harry and Molly in some hot water. But that was years ago and she wants to taste freedom, that is until Harry and his mistress shows up, and her “beloved” runs off with Harry’s mistress leaving her stuck with Harry and his wager. So when Harry strikes up his own wager with Molly that if she plays his fake mistress and wins the wager, he’ll help her find her the very best husband. It sounds like a great plan that is until both start fighting off a sudden attraction between the two, fighting off a villainous Sir Richard, and making friends with other mistress. This wager leads Harry and Molly to something they didn’t think would happen, them falling in love with each other! This book was a total farce, and that being said readers “Suspend Your Disbelief at the Door” cause some of the antics that happen in this book will having you laughing like with Molly taking up a dare by the other mistress to go streaking in front of the house, to a few eye rolling moments. This book is not one to take seriously it’s just a good old funny comedy HR. The characters are likeable with both craving the freedom their family denied them after a dumb but small incident. Harry isn’t what he appears to be, and through the week starts to open his eyes about things in his life he’s done. Molly is a romantic, and wants to be free to live her life and not be treated like she’s still a child by her father. These two do some growing up through the week finding who they truly are but, if you’re looking for more depth, you’re not going to find it. It’s not that the characters are shallow, their pretty normal and loveable, book is very much driven by the antics that both Molly and Harry get themselves into, and not by them so they doesn’t leave a lot of character growth or development. The romance between the two is funny and sexy and the story is fast-paced once you get into the book. The secondary characters that shine the most are the other mistresses, while the rest of Impossible Bachelors are pretty much shadowed in the background, with more about them later on in the books? The author did a great job of making it non-gross with the Bachelors and Mistresses, it felt more like a party with friends then some big sex orgy party. This may not be for all readers, but if your looking for a good laugh by a debut author, and fun romantic comedy- look no further then When Harry Met Molly