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A Lady of Persuasion

A Lady of Persuasion - Tessa Dare What happens when the well known and infamous rake Sir Toby Aldridge and a reformer for all causes in need of help Isabel Grayson surprisedly fall in love! The last in the trilogy by Tessa Dare, A Lady of Persuasion was a wonderful ending to this amazing trilogy. Bel Grayson (The sister of Gray hero from Surrender the Siren) is a true do- gooder willing to help any and all causes while at the same time fighting down her passions and feelings due to a harsh life lesson by her mother whom went mad and her father who had one affair after another. Bel’s hot and cold personality got on my nerves, while I liked her she would suddenly show her self then like a shield of ice would incase her and she would focus only on her causes. Making her come across as narrow-minded to others that needed her like her husband Toby. But through Toby she starts to see she can be herself, she can get mad, laugh , she doesn’t have to be perfect she can be human with feelings. The change throughout the book of Bel was one of the true golden moments of the book. I *(heart)* Toby (who first appears in Goddess of the Hunt) in ALOP he’s PO’d for good reason, the woman he wanted to marry jilted him and comes back married to another man, thinking he may get some revenge he sets his eyes on a woman whom he thinks has eyes for Gray, instead he’s capture and floored by this woman whom he’s surprised to learn his Gray’s sister. Toby sets out to win her over throughout the book even going as low as to lie. Dare makes it where you just can’t hate Toby, who’s trying every which way to truly be the knight and shining armor that Bel dreams about. Like Toby taught Bell to laugh and be herself, Bel taught Toby do something, not just waste away being a Sir, but to do something he wants to do to better himself in the end. Toby does that in spades and through his love for Bel he becomes a better man and Bel through her love for Toby becomes a more open person. The passion between these two is smokin’ hot with Toby and Bel burning up the pages. The need of a cool glass of water or a fan is requirement or fair warning if you read this book and comes to these pages *grins* Although I wanted him to have his own book, Joss who really capture my attention in SOTS got his own HEA as he finally was able to move away from his grief after the death of his first wife. I was really happy to see him finally in love! Dare doesn’t disappoint with the humor which is now classic in her other books, with Toby’s crazy family to Lucy’s labor and Bell finally getting pissed off and showing someone a walking stick can be used as a weapon. These parts had me laughing until I was crying... and there’s also the lambs...Overall: fun read that will have you cheering for two leads as they find their way to each other through love, a great ending to a great series!