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Surrender of a Siren

Surrender of a Siren - Tessa Dare Sophia Hathaway has run away from everything, jilted her groom and is on a secure passage on the ship Aphrodite. Posing as a governess, Sophia things she has everything planned out to the last letter, until her heart pounds and passion flares when she lays eyes on the charming Benedict “Gray” Grayson. Gray is trying to live his life on the more noble side. After years as a privateer, Gray feels it’s time to straighten out his life and work to secure a future for his brother, his brother’s son and his sister, but it’s getting pretty hard with the beautiful governess is always near by tempting him and making his forget about his noble promises.... Surrender of a Siren was a fast paced and fun read, Sophia dreams of something better then being thought of as only a beautiful trinket. She wants to be accepted as a woman (with a few wanton ideas) Thinking the only way to be free was the run away. But she can’t help but feel a strong pull toward Gray, and decides to do some chasing! Gray promised his brother who is the Captain of the Aphrodite he wouldn’t touch the pretty little governess, but somehow she keeps invading his thoughts and dreams somehow knowing he was in a losing battle with her in passion and love Gray was one of those characters that drew you in. As you learn about his past, not only does he feel guilt for what he did to his family, but now he’s trying to build bridges that were once burn down between himself and his brother Joss. But also thinking of his sister and her future. He wasn’t perfect, far from it, and was very open about the fact, but he was very redeemable, and did redeem himself ten times over when he was willing to lay his life down for his brother. When he fell in love with Sophia he fell hard, and was willing to accept her for whom she was even with the lies she weave. In Goddess of the Hunt, I didn’t care for Sophia and with SOAS I only like her a bit more. She had a great zest for life and was a great character, but I felt she would only show true moments of being a mature woman, then run away and hide behind her lies. I would have liked her more, if she faced up and told the truth eailer on to Gray and others then having everything blow up in her face. Although she did tell the truth and come clean and see her wrong doings but was dragged along till the end, which unnesscary and dragged down the story somewhat With Sophia lies the only downer in an otherwise great story, the sexual tension between Sophia and Gray was red hot, and some scenes had me reaching for a fan to cool off! The humor and some dialogue had me laughing out loud and even the goats got into the show! With most of the book taking place on the sea, the book never dragged and always kept it’s enjoyable paced. Leaving you hanging for the next in the series.Overall: an enjoyable read that will have you laughing at time, with a fun happy ending and a lesson of learning to be yourself.