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One Dance with a Duke (Stud Club Trilogy #1)

One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare Tessa Dare weaves another wonderful trilogy with the first of the Stud Club series One Dance with a Duke. Each lead character does have some major issues, but even with their issues it only made them more human in my eyes. Lady Amelia d’Orsay is having a hard time trying to keep her family from the breaking point .Mostly her brother Jack who has become so self-destructive that he doesn’t see the pain he’s casuing his love ones as he spirals out of control. Amelia is trying to save him from himself, but only sees more damage he does to himself. Planning a get-away to their old family home, Amelia is shocked to learn Jack owns a great deal of debt to many, mostly Spencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland. Not knowing what to do, Amelia takes matters into her own hands and corners The so-called Duke of Midnight for one of his Midnight dances Only to find herself wrapped up then she thought with the Duke of Morland. Amelia’s character was one I really liked, she wasn’t one to bow down when faced with tough choices, but at the same time, love in blinding, and her love for her family truly blinded her to the troubles of her brother Jack. Amelia had a big heart, and I loved her for that, but she was also doing more harm then good of babying her brother and helping him out of one jam or another. This was her flaw, it’s a give or take type of flaw many of us have for our beloved family. Amelia like many of us, have to learn our lesson in letting go and learning to walk away. I didn’t agree with the choices Amelia made, but I understood and really cared for her character. Spencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland. Was an mysterious character, you wanted to get into his mind and see what he’s thinking! He holds his peace when you think he should speak up, wondering and asking “What is he hiding?” Known as the Duke of Midnight, Spencer doesn’t care for the society parties, but knowing he must show his face, he leads ladies for one Midnight Dance and then leaves. At a party though, he’s not the one picking, but is cornered by Lady Amelia d’Orsay, whose brother owns him a lot of money, as they dance, he finds himself unable to understand Amelia and as goes from asking for her brother’s debt to be eased then enjoying the dance, suddenly overcome with a sort of panic attack and Amelia not wanting to be left on the dance floor, he picks her up bodily and flees to the garden. Spencer is shocked when offered money to leave him alone, Amelia decides to stay and help him. As the night goes on though, Spencer is faced with information of a peer’s death that could be blamed on him, and a deep draw to Amelia herself. Spencer was an odd mix of coldness and aloofness making you get put-off by his character, but glimpses of a romantic hidden away left you wanting more. I wanted to know more about him, why he did this and that and why he didn’t speak up. This is reveled slowly, and the reason behind his actions was not only odd, and strange, but endearing and really didn’t fly. Spencer’s true flaw was pride. He hide away everything he was behind his Duke status, instead of fussing up to his true motives and asking for help, he would put others in debt and be the true villain to get what he wanted. When his reason did come to light, I felt for him, and he really became that romantic, did I agree what he did was right? No. Would I have done the same? No. Did I understand? Yes. I did understand him, and while I didn’t agree with him, I understood. Both characters at times were like the other half of a whole, and saw the others flaws and tried to help change their ways. Spencer and Amelia were both evolving through the story, with having hard lessons needed to be learned by both. But it was their love for one another that truly helped one another through the lessons. Their love was constant through the story with some very steamy scenes, but even in their arguments, you see slowly how their changing one another’s lives and hearts. And like the trilogy before, there is some loose ends that are left unanswered, still leaving the reader happy with Spencer’s and Amelia’s HEA. Overall: One Dance with a Duke opened the new trilogy up with a bang, never slowly down in pace with a few loose ends that leaves the reader waiting and wanting more! I can’t wait for the next book, and marking the release date on my calender now!