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Warrior (Blades of the Rose Series #1)

Warrior - Zoe Archer Reading Zoe Archer’s Warrior reminded me why I adore reading romantic adventures books! This book had everything I love in romance, two amazing lead characters in Gabriel and Thalia, a touch of magic and a ever spanning world weaved so subtly, you just want to get lost into the world of The Blades of the Rose. To say this is “just a paranormal romance” or “just a adventure romance” would be putting this book to shame, it’s just so much more. While many PNR or series suffer the world-building syndrome where the author shoves all this information down the reader’s throat, you don’t ever feel that way with Warrior. Much like Gabriel who’s thrown into this hidden world of magic, you’re learning along with him about this magical world and hidden historical goodies about the people and the Blades. This is also helped pushed along with the two leads Captain Gabriel Huntley and Thalia Burgess. Their attraction and Army of Two keep the story going, with Gabriel at loose ends after leaving the army and Thalia wanting to prove herself as Blade to protect the Magical Source from those whose wish to use it for their own gain and destroy anyone in their way The Heirs. Both are great characters that you understand right off the bat and grow even more as the story moves along. You see the subtle changes in their relationship from learning to trust one another to falling in love. While there was a instant attraction between the two, ZA builds on this to where the reader understands just why the characters fell in love with one another and how their willing to risk each other’s lives for one another. There’s only been one author who’s really stuck in the hero’s head through a romance story, and ZA is another. You’re able to get into Gabriel’s head and see from his great POV. I loved Gabriel, his protectiveness and his great sense of honor to do the right thing. Instead of turning his back, he leaped into the frail in order to help, and that just won me over in an instant. Thalia was amazing, a strong woman whom could fight like a Lioness and love just as fiercely, she started out to prove herself, but in the end it was more about being with Gabriel and protecting the Source from evil. And the way the evil villain(s) of the story get theirs! YAY! * Turns bloodthirsty level down * This was an awesome book, and the starts to I hope to an even amazing series, place a badge on me because this book made me a Blades of the Rose fangirl!