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It Happened One Autumn (Wallflower Series #2)

It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas Continuing with lighter theme Wallflowers series, LK focuses on Lillian Bowman, the funny, smart and very stubborn American heiress on her journey to find herself a husband and Marcus, Lord Westcliff straightlaced, no nonsense earl. Both hit it off like gasoline and fire in Secrets of a Summer Night and continue their banter and arguing in It Happened One Autumn. Lillian finds it a chore to find herself a husband and feels stuck between a rock and hard place as she and her sister try to fit into English society with their America ways. Clashing with Marcus pretty much at ever turn, it’s not to surprising to see how much alike they are and how passion flares between them quickly but both fight it at ever turn mostly Marcus, who believes a proper English bride is what he needs as he still struggles with his past chains that pull him down from his father’s harsh treatment. Marcus always feeling he’s in the right (always) tries to turn a blind eye to Lillian but finds it very hard between ordering her around and trying to take her to bed. Lillian on the other hands goads Marcus on for his self-righteousness as she fights him. The arguments are very amusing and somewhat charming at first as both Lillian and Marucs fight the attraction between them making them a cute couple, but as the story goes on it become down right annoying to the point of wanting someone to knock some sense into them. While I can understand why they’re so hard headed, they were always known for they’re smarts and common sense which seems to flown away between the first half and the middle part of book. The first half of the book was good keeping the story going. I just felt the ending chapters of the book was very unnecessary after the trail of Marcus and Lillian finally getting to together (after some great steamy moments!), I didn’t feel an extra villain was necessary, making it feel like a filler of the story. The wallflowers group still linger in the background adding a charming and very insightful to the going ons as they watch another of the group fall in love.Overall: a good story with two hard headed people finding common ground in each other and finding love, but getting over their hard headiness was the biggest trail for the couple and this reader.