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Barely a Lady (Drake's Rakes Series #1)

Barely a Lady - Eileen Dreyer Have you ever watched a movie, that pulls you in so much, you wanna fast forward to see what happens, at the same time sit back in your seat and enjoy the ride? That’s how I felt all through Barely a Lady. While there was some clichés used such as the “BIG MISUNDERSTANDING and the sudden amnesia that if the person is told the truth the could die! Was all done so well, I just had a hard time putting this book down, wanting to find out what happens next! Kicked out of her home pregnant, divorced by a husband she loved deeply, Olivia Grace was disgraced from everything and everyone she once held dear. Now five years later, Olivia is living out a life as a companion on the outskirts of society that shuns her. Olivia has lived her life on the run, scared of the demons that not only ruined her life, but still can destroy her easily. Along the way Olivia has grown stronger, and is willing to face down all in her path, even the demons and the husband she once loved so greatly. As the war torn Bussals, Olivia is helping the wounded, she comes face to face with the man whom ruined her marriage, but she’ll have none of that and fights him off, to be saved by a Duchess whom quickly because Olivia’s ally as she finds on the blood soaked battlefield her ex-husband in a French uniform! With the help of his valet, she’s able to rush him off to safety only to have more troubles on her hands when he can’t remember these last five years and still thinks their married and still deeply in love! Olivia must fall back on the harsh lessons she’s learned in life these past years to help find the true traitor and perhaps forgive Jack and to find it in her heart to love Jack again. This book had some of the biggest emotional moments in it, not the tears but of the what ifs? Placing myself in Olivia shoes, I don’t know what I would do if the man I loved turned his back on me and my child, not believing a word I said and putting me through hell for five long years. At the start of the book my answer was “Oh Hell No, I wouldn’t forgive his sorry ass!” I was on Olivia’s side throughout the book and understood where she was coming from, no question. But like Olivia, you see where things went wrong, how things could have been done differently, and most of all how to forgive. Forgive Jack. Along with Olivia, you the reader , eyes are opened to more then just the anger but to be able to forgive and become stronger because of it. Olivia may have been put through hell, but she grew up to stand up, to fight back, something she didn’t do before, but when push came to shove, Olivia was a rock that wouldn’t be moved, and told Jack where he could shove it, if he didn’t believe in her or put his trust in her. I cheered for Olivia and loved her for her courage! Jack failed Olivia all around, and like something the Duchess Kate said, failed on the first hurdle. Jack was the golden boy of his family, a family whom didn’t like Olivia to start with a poor vicar daughter married to their son? No Way! And a cousin bent on having all that Jack owned even Olivia herself? When Olivia and Jack married - Jack was still a boy in a man’s body. Jack believed his family- the ones whom were suppose to love him. Jack needed a lot of growing up to do, and in the five years away from Olivia he hurled himself into doing dangerous work in order to forget the woman he loved, even taking a mistress- one whom was out to get him no less by his evil cousin- to forget Olivia. When his finally starts to remember, and starts to see whom truly was the blame, Jack doesn’t know if he’ll able to gain Olivia’s love , trust or forgiveness even if he begs on his knees for the rest of his life. Jack being Jack you start to fall in love with him, and even when faced with some harsh lies about Olivia by his evil cousin (whom I was happy that he finally got his in an odd strange way, but goes his!) Jack stands by her side, and starts to prove himself to Olivia not by words but by his actions. Jack and Olivia needed some growing up to do, while harsh and sad, in their pains and trials, they found an even stronger even more powerful love, and when faced with any challenge- would be standing together through thick and thin. Barley a Lady introduces a whole cast of characters from the Duchess Kate whom had her own share of pain, and sees more then what meets the eyes and her long time friend Lady Bea, whom lost her ability to speak like you and me, but only through metaphors, but has a world of wisdom behind her simple words, and Grace whom’s father died on the battlefield, born with a shorter leg, this doesn’t stop her from helping all she can with the courage of a lioness, but also seems to get tongue tied around Kate’s cousin - the always smooth never takes a wrong step (only with Grace it seems) Diccan Hilliard and if the Excerpt of Never A Gentleman says anything, am really looking forward to Diccan’s and Grace’s story!Overall: This may have been Eileen Dreyer’s first HR, but she was a veteran at being able to put the reader through a roller coaster ride of emotions with Barely a lady, I can’t wait for the next the series! I can’t wait!